Is the Tabata Protocol Best For Fat Loss?

Inevitably, at some point in all our lives we look in the mirror and see a fatter version of ourselves looking back. “How did I let myself get this fat” you ask. And then you are off looking for the best, fastest way to burn fat. Is the  Tabata  Protocol the answer? Let’s find out…

What Is The  Tabata  Protocol?

The  Tabata  method was created by Dr. Izumi  Tabata  at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. The basic concept of this cardio interval training method is to do intense exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and repeat for 8 cycles.

That’s it. The whole workout is less than 4 minutes long. But when done correctly, it is very intense and very effective.

Why The  Tabata  Protocol Works For Fat Loss


When people think about exercising for fat loss they normally think of aerobic exercise in their target heart rate zone. This is a low to moderate pace where you would be able to hold a conversation.

 Tabata  is the complete opposite. You work at a fast pace for a short duration. So, how does it burn fat?

Well, during the  Tabata  Intervals you are going to expend a great deal of energy. You must work at near maximum intensity for it to work. But unlike aerobic exercise, you continue to burn calories for HOURS after the workouts is over.

In simple terms, you create so much metabolic disturbance because to the high intensity intervals that it take up to 2 days for your body to fully recover. And your body burns calories all during the rebuilding process.

Is The  Tabata  Protocol Right For You

High Intensity Interval Training is not for everyone. First of all, you need to be in pretty good shape to work out at the intensity level necessary to make it effective. After all, you only have under 4 minutes to get all the benefits of your exercise.

But here is what you should take away from this discussion…

If you want to burn fat for hours after your workout (unlike aerobic training), you need to crank up the intensity. So, instead of doing longer and longer workouts to burn fat, you need to crank up the intensity and keep the workouts short.

The  Tabata  Protocol is the extreme example of interval training. If you are just starting out… use aerobic exercise first. Then start cranking up the intensity by doing interval training. Then you can give  Tabata  Intervals a try… and I’m sure you’ll find them very effective for burning fat in a short period of time.

The  Tabata  Method is a great tool in your fat loss toolbox, but it is not a comprehensive solution. A great fat loss workout should consist of resistance training designed to burn a lot of calories and some type of interval training. You need BOTH to not only burn the extra fat but build the athletically muscular body you want.

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