Introductory Jump Rope Workout!

By now, if you’ve decided to add jumping rope to your fitness routine, you have probably mastered the technique. You’re ready to begin a three week jump rope workout that will help to build endurance, increase your heart-health, and get you fit!

Remember it is important to always begin with a warm-up routine — like jogging or marching in place. Equally important is to finish each workout with a 5-minute cool down, stretching your hamstrings, quads, calves and shoulders.

Week 1: This first week we’ll work using an interval technique of jumping, resting, jumping.  Try to rest for only as long as you jump. So if you jump for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds. By the way, resting does not mean stopping your movement. It’s OK not to jump rope, but stay in motion by marching in place. Depending on your personal fitness level you should be able to work up to one minute of jumping and one minute of resting.  Do this workout at least three times each week for 15 to 20 minutes each time.

Week 2: You will notice this routine is getting easier and by now you should have more ability and thus greater confidence. You can increase your jump time during week two. It may still be necessary to go at a slower pace — remember, form is important. Your body should be straight and tall — mostly relaxed. You should be working to reduce the amount of rest time to one half the time spent jumping. So if you jump for two minutes you should aim to rest for one minute — remember to keep moving. You should now be doing this routine about 4 days a week working up to about 30 minutes each.

Week 3 and beyond: By now, you should be in the swing of things! You should be able to jump for several minutes without needing to rest. You also should be increasing your speed to about 120 turns per minute — I know that sounds fast, but at the height of your workout you should aim for about 180 turns per minute — you will become a fat burning machine! There will still be periods of rest but your goal should be to gradually increase your jumping time to 10 minutes non-stop. Ideally, you will now be doing this jump rope workout every other day for up to 30 minutes each workout.

The Jump Rope Workout Master:  Once you’ve mastered the workout described above and can jump for several minutes try this speed and jumping techniques to keep your workout fresh and to keep surprising your body with new challenges:


  • Side to side: Jump side to side to simulate what happens on the ski-slope.
  • Switch directions: Instead of having the rope turn from back to front, try going from front to back
  • Increase your speed. If you can get your speed to 180 turns per minute you will be jumping at the rate of three times each second.
  • Try figure eights: Cross the rope and your arms over in front of your body — this is tricky!
  • Knees up. While turning the rope, jog with high knee jumping with one leg at a time.
  • Jump straddles. Turn the rope as you normally would, but clear the rope with a jumping jack motion with your legs (straddle legs apart then together).
  • Add your own creativity — mix it up. Jump to music and keep it fresh!

Now that you’re a jump rope master it would be tempting to jump every day, but its best to keep your workout charged with changes — you body learns better when it gets surprised. So switch it up and only use your jump rope workout every other day.


Happy Hopping!

Source by Judi LaPoint


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