Intermittent Fasting Journey…What if this stuff works?


Even in designing a workout routine and diet that will give people the athletic performance and looks they want, I’ve always thought there was a limit to fat loss.  Sometimes, the best a person can hope for is that they shape their body so that they hide their fat deposits.

Well, not so much hide but make them irrelevant.  For guys, a lone beer gut will demolish your looks.  But if one develops an upper torso that effectively gives you the classic inverted triangle look, whatever stubborn belly fat that remains will become irrelevant to your pecs and shoulders.  And besides, if you can go full speed for decent periods of time without crashing, lift more than your body weight, do 20 pull ups or over 100 pushups, who cares?  You’re ahead of everyone else.

Of course, you can do all those things, but people want the abs.

You don’t get abs without weight loss.   And so, you may now have a better proportioned body with muscles in the right places, but you haven’t gotten rid of the fat.

Of course, the problem with that is that inter-intestinal fat will remain.  That is one of the things that pushes your tummy out.  Oh, it will also kill you.  So, fat loss is still important, but how?


And of course, if you go full retard er vegan, then you can experience the wonderful fat and protein loss that follows, leading you to become a sad bitter, old skeleton.  Yay.

But what if you could drink what you want and eat what you want?

Well, we know you can’t do that three times a day.  But what if you could do it just once a day?

My journey has gone from regular “I workout to eat what I want” to “I will avoid carbs generally and I will no longer avoid fat” to “Why did I even like carbs in the first place?” to something else….  Once the high fructose lifestyle is shed, and when non-fructose carbs no longer enthrall you (and yes, I do eat fries and pizza and nachos on occasion) and once you can control your appetite, you realize: Hey, I don’t need to or want to eat lunch.  And wow, that’s actually not unhealthy.  It’s not bad, it’s not harmful because I will eat dinner and maybe have some wine.  I don’t even do it every day.  Perhaps 3 times a week, at most.  Other days, a lower carb lunch + a workout + dinner.

I’ve even worked out, weight lifting or cardio routine, full on in to the 18th hour of the fast.   And it was ok.  I will admit that a Texas Method strength routine will send me straight to the kitchen for protein but otherwise, no big deal.

And so it went.  Until one day, my most stubborn body fat deposit left me.  The hell?  Where are my saddle bags, love handles, the side of my body?

Think about it, at this point, I was intermittent fasting because it felt good.  A big lunch may make me worthless.  I found I think clearer this way.  Sure, I will drink coffee with half-half but no food otherwise.  Just because.  It’s easier.

And now? Results?  After years of lifting, running, sweating, kinda-sorta dieting?


Who knows, is this a fluke or will more fat leave?

It’s only April, time will tell.


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