Importance of Weight Training Goals – Improve Your Bench Press With Goal Setting

I believe that it is highly important and useful to have a goal for the  bench  press and all the other major lifts. It doesn’t matter if you are working hard already or not. The reason for this is just that the dedication and the consistency of working harder is great. Without a goal, you will gradually move forward and make gains in your workout, but it’s not the same as having a set destination in mind.

I like to compare this to a captain sailing a ship. If this captain is starting off going north, but he doesn’t have a compass, he will eventually wander off course and have no idea where he’s going to end up. Having a goal is huge, which is why my programs have a theme, something along the lines of “increase the  bench  25 pounds in ten weeks.” It’s an exact amount of weight and an exact amount of time.

Five elements of a useful goal.


Number one, you must have a specific goal, such as “50 pounds in 10 weeks.” This goal needs to be as detailed as possible.

The next element is that it needs to be measurable. Your goal must be something that can be clearly evaluated. It’s not enough to just say “increase  bench  by 50 pounds,” you need to know when this will be accomplished.

You also need to make your goal challenging. You can’t say “I’m going to take 6 years to increase my  bench  by 5 pounds.” That’s not hard in any way, if you just keep showing up to the gym, I would hope that’s going to happen on its own. So, make your goal something challenging, as well as realistic. You don’t want to make your goal so absurd that it’ll never happen such as saying “I’m going to increase my  bench  50 pounds in 1 week.” If you make your goal too difficult and unattainable, you’re going to lose interest and motivation and probably give up on it altogether.

Next, you want to remind yourself of these goals all the time: write them down, post them in places that you see a lot, like your refrigerator, your mirror, your car, and even bring them to work! You want to be looking at your goals and remembering throughout the day that this is what you are working towards. This is all going to motivate you more.

Another thing that a lot of people do, whether they’re entering a competition or a bodybuilding show, whatever they may be doing, they leave a back door open-they don’t tell anyone that they are doing it because they always think they might drop out at the last second. However, I want you to go and tell everybody what your goal is. Sharing you goal with other people makes you accountable for what you’ve said you’re going to do. This makes it more likely that you will follow through.

These are just a couple tips I have on setting goals. I think it’s really important, not just in fitness or lifting weights, but in anything and everything you do in life, to set small goals for yourself that all lead up to the long term goals you have in mind.

Source by Jason Parris


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