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Motivation is one of the most important factors which determines how successful we are at what we do. Weight loss motivation is a complex obstacle that you CAN overcome when you know how. Motivation levels can vary each day depending on how we feel or how we view certain experiences. Motivation to do anything requires two (2) things: dissatisfaction with the current condition and the desire to make a change.

Motivation is an important factor which determines how successful we are because ,the more you progress and lose weight the more difficult it will be to lose more as the body is pushed past its natural set points. Weight loss motivation is the missing element and, most overweight people know this in their hearts.

Weight loss motivation will help you boost your unconscious determination and return back to those healthy, compelling levels, where you feel confident that you can achieve your weight goal. A simple change in weight loss motivation can produce remarkable results. A change in motivation is the difference between feeling deprived and feeling superior and even smug about achieving your weight loss goals.

It has been said “There is no yesterday, there may not be a tomorrow, but there most certainly is the present day.”

The meaning of this is clear: Don’t beat yourself up over yesterday’s mistakes, they happened, you can’t change them, so move on. Don’t pin all your hopes on tomorrow either: what makes you think tomorrow will be any different than today? Instead, focus on improving your life right now, this minute.


How does this apply to weight loss? Simple: don’t think that you “blew it” by having a donut this morning – don’t think about that at all. Instead, think about the present food you are about to eat. Can you eat a smaller portion (RIGHT NOW) can you eat a salald instead of fries (RIGHT NOW) can you drink water instead of soda , right now with your meal?


Many of us have a tendency to look at our bad points, however once you start to accept yourself it will be easier to focus on the positive side more. Weight loss is extremely difficult when you feel like you are depriving yourself. Instead of being a positive and exciting experience, losing weight becomes a struggle against yourself. If you focus on your failure to lose weight in the past, you’ll make yourself too hungry and you’ll overeat at the next meal. If you try to starve yourself your body will go into starvation mode where your metabolism will slow down drastically, keeping you from losing weight and actually making you more likely to hold onto calories the next time you do eat.

Do not forget to reward yourself each time you reach your goal, even a small goal. You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. Just tell yourself: “I can do it”. Head in the right direction:Whatever your goal, you need to start steering yourself in the right direction. Tell yourself that you’re doing great, because you are. Understand that losing weight is something that you need to do for yourself.

An excellent way to overcome all of these obstacles is to use Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss. You don’t have to “do” anything except listen to the recordings. That’s all that hypnosis is–your ability to convince yourself to change bad habits and supply endless motivation.

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Source by Chip Morgan


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