How to Use Utility Weight Benches

Utility  weight   benches  are a common choice of equipment used in home gyms. The utility designation means that the  bench  is essentially devoted to one purpose. The intent of using such  benches  to provide a safe and secure platform for lifting free  weights .  Bench  press  weight  training is a somewhat different configuration in most instances.


 Benches  for  weight  training can be produced in several different configurations, such as fixed horizontal or inclined. The  bench  may be adjustable in one portion and fixed in the opposite portion. Utility  benches  may or may not contain racks for placing the bars and  weights .

Exercises used in weight training can be performed either sitting or lying down in most instances. They are rarely intended to exercise the hips or legs. However, a regular regimen of exercises can help to strengthen the entire body–not just the shoulders and arms. Even simple weight exercises can help to fight fatigue and tone the major muscle groups.

When you use  weight   benches  from a seated position, you should remember to use proper posture. Sit up straight and hold your abdomen in. Put both feet flat on the floor and knees together for optimum effect. You should focus on doing any exercise using proper breathing techniques. Do the exercises slowly and smoothly to get the most benefit from them. You should not jerk or strain the movement as you work through the routines. Try to work the different muscle groups during your exercise session.

From a prone position you should concentrate on breathing in the same way with each of exercises that you do. Movements should be slow and deliberate. A slow count gives the muscles time to work the toxins out, rather than building up with little effect other than pain. As you work each muscle group, stay in the proper position so you aren’t jerking or straining to complete the movement. Using the wrong muscles to complete the prescribed move can damage rather than enhance.

The basic ingredients to an exercise routine is the  weight   bench  and  weights . Many of the routines are done with barbells. Others require free weights. Good utility  weight   benches  are required for stability and comfort when performing the exercise routines. The usual routines include curls, extensions, lateral raises and squats. Almost any exercise can be modified to take advantage of additional weight of dumbbells. Since it is unlikely that you will need to purchase another  bench  due to obsolescence, you can afford to buy the best quality.

Source by Michael Mize Russell


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