How to Structure a Workout for Optimal Fat Loss

Long boring cardio is a thing of the past. 45 minutes on a bike, 60 minutes on a treadmill. Who the hell has time for that? What the modern working man or woman who wants to shed a few pounds needs is unconventional cardio.

Unconventional cardio is cardio that you can do in one spot or at least without moving too far (kettlebell circuits, ropes, prowler, etc). Combining unconventional cardio with traditional cardio (bikes, jump ropes, running) is a surefire way to rid the body of weakness and not to mention mounds of fat.

For those who love the gym and think kettlebells are a fad, I tell them there’s no reason to stop doing bicep curls or cable crossovers. There’s a place for all types of training in your plan.

I recommend just trying out simple forms of unconventional cardio. Try it after your traditional workout. Try it on an off day. Trust me, you’ll be hooked after you do!


I can’t stand elitism in training. I don’t care if you’re a kettlebeller, Crossfitter, bodybuilder, or runner, there are ways to incorporate different things into your plan. Don’t be narrow-minded. Make sure it goes in line with what you want to accomplish and then TRY it!

Here’s a simple unconventional cardio workout that I did after squat day. If you don’t have ropes substitute a jump rope or heavy jump rope. Don’t have kettlebells? Substitute a dumbbell. The point is, make it work for you!

Battle Ropes-Double Slams

Bike Sprints

Alternating Kettlebell Swings

Body Saw (moving plank)

Battle Ropes-Alternating Slams

30 seconds apiece. 60 seconds between sets

Perform 2-5 times.

Your fitness plan should be challenging, inspiring and something that you LOOK FORWARD TO! If you dread your workout day in and day out how long do you think you’ll stick to it? Have some fun with it! Keep this framework in mind:

1. Big Lift (deadlifts, overhead press-barbell, kettlebell-cleans, jerks, etc). This is your big lift that will be your measuring stick for your overall strength. Try to keep this constant, whatever you decide. Do it first and hit it hard! This is the meat and potatoes (or beans and legumes for you veggies) of your training and you don’t get dessert until you get these in your system.

2. Supplemental Lifts (pull-ups, ring work, curls, dips, lunges, etc). This is the side dish. You can do without them, but the meal just won’t be complete. Make sure to keep this work down. Don’t burden your body with too much auxiliary work.

3. Unconventional Cardio – Now it’s time for dessert! This is where you can change things up, experiment and have fun (while working extremely hard, of course). Pick a new method each time. Rotate through them, but the key is to push yourself with whatever you choose! Try my unconventional cardio circuit for starters.

Above all else, ENJOY YOUR TRAINING! You’ll have a few days during your plan where it will feel like a grind, but for the most part enjoy. This doesn’t meaning training should be haphazard. If there’s room in your diet for a little dessert than there’s room in your training for a little fun.

Source by Marcus M Martinez


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