How To Spike Your Workouts

It’s summertime and you would rather spend more time being poolside than working out for hours on end in the gym.

Some people will just go through the motions of claiming they got their workout in for the day and then move into the next chore for the day. It’s almost like having “zombie syndrome” where you are just getting through the movements of the day without really thinking about what you trying to accomplish. Change it up! Instead of just moving around aimlessly, have a purpose that will make you focus on what you are intentionally trying to achieve. If weight loss is your goal, how about focusing on your workout and giving it all you have for just 20 minutes? Or how about increasing your performance?

The fix is easy! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can decrease you workouts from being 1 hour plus a day down to 20 minutes. My favorite type of HIIT exercises is Tabata. This is 20 seconds of work and then a 10 second rest with 8 rounds for each exercise. So for example, if you dread doing 100 push-ups because it feels like it takes forever, throw in some energy bursts to knock out the push-ups in 4 minutes! Do as many push-ups as you can in 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and then start your next set of push-ups for 20 seconds. Complete 8 rounds of 20 second push-ups.

Tabata training can be implemented for any type of workout. Here is a list of some exercises that you can use Tabata training:

Running (sprint for 20 seconds, take 10 seconds off)

Sit ups

Push ups

Bodyweight Squats

Kettlebell Swings

Wall Balls

Row Machine

… and the list can continue to grow. Challenge yourself with exercised you enjoy and see how Tabata fits in.

The other method is called Little Method. This is where you do 60 seconds of work with a 75 second rest for 8-12 rounds.

Any type of HIIT exercise is great to add into a workout routine to help stir up muscle confusion and to eliminate hitting any plateaus in your day to day exercise program.

If you are new to HIIT training, take it slow and maybe try it out once or twice a week until you build up to a level that fits your physical fitness level. Or you can do 4 rounds instead of 8-12 rounds to get a feel for pushing your body to the next level.

Would you like to read more on HIIT training? Here is a link to Wikipedia to get you started: HIIT.

Your fitness goals and achievements are for you! If you feel detached from your goals, take another look at your list of WHYs or maybe you have reached a new level and my need to make a new list.

Have fun with your workouts this summer and stay safe. Burn those calories and gain back some pool time!


Source by Charlene Mallay


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