How to Shed Fat in 4 Minutes With the Japanese Tabata Women Workouts

Some people say you can’t accomplish much in 4 minutes. I beg to differ. In a mere 240 seconds, (that’s a little more time than the usual commercial break) you could be on your way to cranking up that dormant metabolism of yours, and shedding off years of accumulated fat. But it’s going to take a little effort on your part. A little sweat and a little determination will get you closer to that sexy, toned physique. The method I am about to describe is a very effective workout for women, and better yet, it does not take much of your valuable time.

The 4 minute workout I am referring to is called  Tabata  training. Developed in Japan by  exercise  researcher, Izumi  Tabata , the  Tabata  Method is an  exercise  methodology that develops both the aerobic and anaerobic pathways simultaneously. It is considered a high-intensity interval type of training.

 Tabata  questioned the conventional wisdom at the time that professed that the best method for fat loss was to workout in a low intensity, long duration fitness regimen.  Tabata’s  research proved this theory to be a load of bull.


So what does that mean to you? Well for starters, it is an excellent method for stripping away that naughty body fat quickly. High intensity interval  exercise  (such as  Tabata ) tends to burn more calories and fat, post-workout. Studies have also demonstrated that there is suppression of the appetite after high intensity workouts. Furthermore, the research indicates that there tends to be an overall increase of the metabolic rate for the participants of high intensity interval workouts. This means you are metabolism shifts into overdrive and burns more fat and calories during the day.

Sound good so far? Let’s dive into the method. The  Tabata  method is quite simple to understand, but a lot more difficult to perform. Once you start practicing this routine, you will understand how challenging this workout can be for men and women alike. The great thing about the  Tabata  method is that you can do this training without any fancy equipment. The only thing you need is a stopwatch or a timer of some sort. When you first start out, you may want to have a workout partner or trainer keep track of the time for you.

The basic premise is as follows: pick an exercise you can do with some degree of ease. Some good examples are body weight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-ups, etc. Don’t pick anything too complicated at first; this exercise can be deceptively grueling.

Start your timer, and for 20 seconds do as many repetitions as possible of your chosen exercise. (I usually start with pull-ups.) Then rest for 10 seconds, you’ve earned it. But wait, there’s more! I haven’t told you the best part. Repeat this sequence seven more times. That will make a total of 8 rounds with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. The sum of which completes the basic 4 minute workout I promised. After you are finished picking your face off the floor, and if you still have the energy, record the number of repetitions you performed during the 240 seconds.

As you progress you can add additional sets of 8 rounds with more than one exercise. Personally, I like to do 4 minutes of pull-ups, 4 minutes of push ups, 4 minutes of sit ups and then finally 4 minutes of squats. At the end of that routine, I am about ready to pray to the porcelain god. You can add this to a regular workout routine up to 3 times a week to start out. If you are a beginner, or grossly out of shape, please take it easy and consult a physician before taking on any workout program.

On a side note, I am pleased to say that since I have added the  Tabata  training to my workouts, I have started to notice a definitive increase in my energy level. I have also managed to break through a weight-loss plateau that has been vexing me for weeks. As they say, your results may vary, but I think you will find the  Tabata  method is worth a try.

Source by Rebekah Sweet


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