How to Optimize Your Bench Press Weight Training Schedule For Quick Muscle Gain

Your weight training schedule is one of the primary factors determining how effective your workouts will be. So it certainly pays to understand basic principles behind choosing the correct training schedule in order to achieve quick muscle gain and strength.

The most important thing to consider in choosing your schedule is your overall fitness level. If you are a beginner, you may feel that you can benefit from frequent workouts as your body is fresh and not adopted to any particular routine. In reality, you want to do the opposite. This is the time when your body will react with massive increase in strength and muscles no matter what you do, however your goal is to make this period last as long as possible.


Frequent  bench  press workouts at the beginner level will almost certainly result in over-training and muscle exhaustion. It may be hard for  bench  press beginners to realize that the time between  bench  press workouts is just as important as workouts themselves. At this stage, you want to stimulate your muscles with intermediate weights for 10-12 reps without completely exhausting the muscles. A lot of attention must paid to adopting a proper  bench  press technique. For that, 4 workouts a week are optimal.

After a while, this type of workout will lose its effectiveness as you are getting stronger and need to stress your muscles on a different level. Rather then immediately increasing weights, you may consider adding a day to your weight training schedule first. However, for most people in this stage, in order to experience a quick muscle gain, a combination of extra day of exercise and increased training weights will work the best.

Increase your weight so that you will stay within 6 reps for each main exercise. The additional exercises should still be done using intermediate weights and 8-10 reps. To make sure you do not overextend, a lot of attention needs to be given to your diet and sleep. Also, the aerobic activities should be limited. You will need a lot of energy to adopt to the new schedule and weights.

Once you reach a level when you are comfortably lifting your previous max weights, it is once again time to add to your weight training schedule and overall weights. Lot of people may disagree with this and stay at 5 day a week schedule. However, it has been proven many times over, that advanced lifters will benefit from increased frequency, many times even if they workout every day.

This has been tested and implemented by Easter European lifters who dominated the scene for decades. Also, a popular and time tested routine Blast Your  Bench  uses this system and thousands of lifters saw dramatic results after implementing it into their routines.

The trick is to intensify and shorten the individual workouts, thus giving your body enough time to recover between workouts, even if the frequency is super high. You also need to cycle the routines into short mini cycles, constant frequent workout for a long period of time will not be effective, in fact, it will result into over-training, especially since you are now using weights for 4-5 reps with lot of advanced techniques, such as negative reps, half-reps etc. It goes without saying, that by now you should have a reliable spotter each training.

Make sure you understand your own physical level and make a plan to build on it. Be honest with you, and do not be afraid to experiment. When you are ready for truly demanding  weight  training schedule, either build upon your own experience, or seek an advise from a professional trainer, either in person, or through one of the online  bench  press workouts programs. That is a guaranteed way to blast your  bench  further than you thought possible.

Source by Paul V. Strong


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