How to Improve Your Bench Press Efficiently

The bench press is a great exercise for working the arms, shoulders and upper body. It can also be a great way to build muscle mass quickly, pushing you to bulk up in response to the growing demands of the weights you press. For many, the thrill of improving and lifting more weight with the bench press is both exciting and addictive, leading to a desire to improve efficiency and build muscle at maximum capacity. So how exactly do you go about learning how to improve bench press efficiency?

Learning how to improve bench press efficiency depends firstly on learning how to improve bench press technique, and without laying the appropriate foundations, efficient bench pressing is practically off limits. Without the appropriate technique, you won’t be able to lift your best, and you could also end up with a serious injury as a consequence, setting you and your schedule back for months as you recover. It’s also important not to push yourself too hard, and to accept a gradual increase in weight resistance for best results. It’s a good idea to brush up on grip and lifting techniques, and speaking to a fitness professional should allow you to focus on those areas that may need improving.

Likewise, you should ensure you always lift the maximum possible weight you can at a low number of reps, rather than lifting a lighter weight for more reps. This will help break down and rebuild muscle tissue more effectively, and is a much more efficient and productive way to improve your bench press maximum and build muscle mass. As with any new exercise regime however, it may be wise to run your intended training schedule by a medical practitioner first, just to make sure there is no risk of serious injury or illness as a result of your muscle building strategy.


Source by Jenny Peterson


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