How to Do Tabata Training

Are you tired of scouring the web for hours looking for the absolute best workout? With different opinions and contradicting information about what makes for an excellent workout, it’s no wonder that  Tabata  training has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years.

The beautiful thing about this workout is that it doesn’t get too complicated and it is highly customizable. By following the steps below you will be completing your first  Tabata   exercise  in no time.

How it Works

The foundation of  Tabata  is based around interval training. The workout consists of 8 rounds with a focus on high intensity and short rest time.

Each round is 30 seconds long: 20 seconds of actual exercise and 10 seconds rest.

A sample workout could include intervals of pushups and air squats. Therefore you would perform push ups for 20 seconds, rest for ten seconds, and then perform air squats for 20 seconds. This would equate to two rounds and sixty seconds of exercise time. This makes a complete workout time of only 4 minutes!


Now that beats 60 minutes on a treadmill any day!

Make a Plan

Before you start, you need to ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Are you trying to lose fat? Do you want to achieve better endurance? Are you set on packing on the muscle?

By deciding which area you want to improve, it will help you make a plan for which exercises you are going to perform. After you decide which area you would like to build on, jot down the exercises in order in multiples of eight.

Grab a timer

In order to be successful in this exercise you need to have accurate timing. You can use a stopwatch, or if you are near a computer, I recommend

This website allows you to set the number for rounds you want to complete and does all of the counting for you which makes it convenient to keep track of your time.

Get started!

Now that you know what to do, go get started! The great thing about  Tabata  is that it is so simple you don’t need to spend hours doing research, and you can literally do it anywhere (I would advise against doing it at your local grocery store).

These simple steps will have you looking good faster than the time it takes to get to the gym. Define your goal, choose your exercises, grab a timer, and get started. You will soon see just how effective a four minute workout can be.

Source by Harrison D Bevins


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