How to Build a Heavy Bag Workout Plan

Although doing a heavy bag workout will not teach you how to fight. It will help strengthen the muscles you use, if your in some sort of psychical combat. They are very good at building muscles you need for kicks, punches or strikes and turn your arms and legs into very effective self-defence weapons. A heavy bag workout is extremely good for your health your learning how to defend yourself and at the same time burning fat, strengthening and toning muscles on your legs arms and torso.

Before you start you should create a plan of action for your workout. Figure out how much time your going to have in the next two weeks for each day, then put together some combinations that will work on different muscles on each day for beginners this could simply be left jab + right cross or left kick + right kick. If you want some more advanced techniques to learn then have a search on google, there is an unlimited amount of information online.

You can find heavy punch bags everywhere online now so you should not have any problems finding a supplier but, if your on a budget you may be able to find a good second-hand heavy bag on Ebay. Just do a search for heavy punch bags and check your local area as these things are very heavy and the delivery costs might be high. The only problem with this is you cannot guarantee how worn out the straps are and you don’t want one of these falling on your foot!

A heavy bag workout can be a lot of fun but, you need to be aware that you can injure yourself. Make sure you have plenty of room to swing your arms and legs as you could damage either yourself our your expensive property. Have a good stretch and warm up before you start training, if your not properly warmed up before you start you have a very high risk on getting a sprain or strain and you could be off work for weeks. Give yourself at least 10 minutes of either jogging on the spot, star jumps, press ups, sit ups e.t.c to warm up nicely.


Source by Sonia D Peters


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