How to Bench Press 225 Lbs – The Mind of a Bench Presser

Bench press beginners often ask how to bench press 225 lbs. For many starting bench pressers, this is the first milestone in their quest for huge bench press strength. But the answer is very simple – the same way you do 300 bench press. Or 1,000 lbs. The weight you can lift is a result of your strength – both physical and mental. The bench press technique is the same. The equipment is the same. The only variables that change are physical and psychological strength.

Training for physical strength is fairly easy to do and measure. Psychological strength on the other hand is often very hard to gain. Repeating to yourself that you can do it does not equal to having a strong mind. The trick is to not convince yourself that you can lift a certain weight, but to truly believe you can do it and at the same time, be in fact able to do it. You body and mind needs to be in sync on this.

One of the key factor that determines both of your strengths is consistency. If you are consistent in your training and put as much effort in it as you possibly can, both inside and outside the gym, you not only train your body, but you also give your mind a clear impulse that it can rely on your body. Only then you can start working on convincing your mind, that your body can in fact lift more than it ever did before.

When you train for strength, you get to test it at the end of the cycle. That is the time, when your challenge your body and your mind with a weight you never before even attempted to lift. At that point, both your body and your mind must be 100% sure of what can be lifted. In a competition, this weight would be your first attempt. A starting point, so to speak.


Once this attempt is completed, you start working on your mind to convince it, that your body can lift more. You can use meditation and logical persuasion, such as basic percentage calculations based on your lifted weights. Some people like to hear others yelling at them, some people even like to be smacked to get the rush of adrenaline going. No matter what, one thing you absolutely need to do is to visualize yourself to lift the weight.

It is easier said than done. I am not talking about seeing yourself to stand on the pedestal with a medal in hand. You need to visualize the lift itself. You need to feel the weight. You must not be worried about failure or victory. Nothing but the lift. Picking up the bar. Stabilizing it. Moving it down. Touching the chest. Awaiting the lift command. Pressing it up. Placing the bar on the rack. The complete lift. This will give your mind an impulse that it is not only possible to lift the weight on the bar, but that it has already been done. So your mind will think of it as something your body can do, because it did it before.

Training your mind to trust your body requires a lot of training. But the stronger your body becomes, the stronger your mind will be too. Just keep in mind, that your bench press strength is only as good as the weakest link. So make sure, that there is none. And if you spot one, train it harder than anything else to catch up with the rest. There is no other way to big bench press strength.

Source by Paul V. Strong


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