How Adrenaline-Pumping Weightlifting Music Can Improve Your Next Workout

There has been a lot of studies performed and articles written lately surrounding the effect of music on physical exercises. But what about weightlifting? How is this type of bodybuilding stimulated through the means of music? Research has shown on multiple occasions that upbeat music increases the pulse and respiration, which positively affects the endurance of a weightlifter. Not to mention that the amazing benefits of music in the psychological area, which also helps bodybuilders achieve success while lifting weights.

Biological effects

When a person is listening to music while training with weights, their heart rate and respiration increase. The effect of music works in any kind of physical activity, including weightlifting. It is to some extent predictable that listening to a motivating music will induce a lasting and dynamic change in the cardiovascular system. This leads to a faster respiration and pulse, which is a desirable state of the body, considering that weightlifters can send more oxygen to nurture the working muscles.

A study published in “Perceptual Motor Skills Journal” proved the effects of music over muscular endurance. The tests showed people are able to decrease the overall time until exhaustion by listening to music, in comparison with those that had lesser endurance due to the fact that they had only white noise to work with. Therefore the interactive stimulation of music is highly beneficial for all those whose ambition is to work really hard to achieve their goals through weightlifting.

Psychological effects

Pushing through a difficult weight training exercise has to be aided by the mind, as well as body. Music has to give the athlete a rush of adrenaline. This will give him a huge wave of energy, helping him to exceed his own limits and think about achieving the impossible. Anything with a constant beat is perfect to give the weightlifter that rush in order to lose himself in the music and gain that mindfulness necessary to remain 100% engaged in the workout.

The Right Music


When it comes to the music that increases the overall performance of a weightlifter, not all types of music will produce the same results. In order to be successful in what you’re doing, you, as a weight trainer, should choose the best music out there, a music that will motivate you personally to achieve a great boost in your potential as a weightlifter. Putting together a playlist is a wise thing to do if you want to motivate yourself to last longer at the gym and also train harder and better. Pay close attention to anything that gives you an adrenaline rush and a particular state of mind, the one that makes you want to tear something apart. That kind of music is normally an upbeat music which will help you exceed your average performance at the gym. So if you want to feel your blood pumping while working out your muscles, pick a wide variety of beats that will aid your weightlifting performances by getting the best out of your efforts.

The effects of music on exercise are equally important with the music you choose for yourself as a strong motivator. And that shouldn’t be too hard when you have your iPod or MP3 player to get instant access to the weightlifting music that will make exercising more motivating than ever.

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