Heavy People Can Lose Weight With These 3 Boxing Exercises


Heavy people that want to lose weight fast can use a proven 3 step boxing routine that all fighters use.

These three exercises are:

  • Shadow Boxing
  • Jumping Rope
  • Heavy Bag punching

Shadow Boxing


Shadow boxing is the first exercise every fighter uses to begin his daily workout. Shadow boxing is used to warm the body up before moving on to more strenuous exercises. Shadow boxing is like stretching exercises that can make your body limber and agile.

When you begin to shadow box make sure that you are standing on the balls of your feet to create a light and limber stance.

With your reflection in the mirror or a shadow on the wall turn to your side and view your body before you begin to punch.

The most effective way to shadow box is to throw punches at your image in crisp combinations. Mix up the head punches with the body shots and uppercuts.

Do this warm up exercise for 3 minute rounds then shake your arms and legs vigorously for a 30 second rest between rounds.

Try to come do at least 3 rounds of shadow boxing before moving on to the next boxing routine.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a boxer’s favorite workout. This exercise has become one of the highest rated workouts for total body conditioning.

Jumping rope is a great exercise to tighten flabby stomach muscles. When your body starts to jump up and down it is natural to contract your abs while your propel yourself in the air.

To effectively become a good rope jumper, start slow with a single turn of the rope for every jump. Do not jump on the bottom of your feet but jump almost like a skip.

Also do not swing your arms but learn to work your wrist while holding on to the rope.

Beginners should focus on jumping for a minute per round with the goal of jumping 5 rounds. Each round should have e 30 second break before beginning again.

Heavy Bag Punching

Heavy bag punching is the one workout that has helped more heavy people over the years loses weight. The heavy bag is a staple in boxing gyms all over the world because of its ability to jar and shake loose flabby muscles. The heavy bag will make even the flabbiest body rock hard.

To hit a heavy bag effective you need someone to hold the bag and keep it from swaying while you aim for the pocket with your punches. The most effective heavy bag drills consist of punching with both hands for a 1 minute round.

Throw your weight behind your punches because this will add extra power and resistance to your workout. Be sure to wrap your hands good because scarred hands can happen when hitting the heavy bag.

Work the heavy bag for 3 good solid rounds to build endurance and stamina.

It should also be mentioned that all three of these workouts should be done on an empty stomach. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programs.

Using these time tested boxing routines will build stamina, endurance, muscle and cardiovascular workouts that will shape and trim heavy people of all ages.

Source by Terrence Silver


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