Heavy Bag Workout


The Break down of a Successful  Heavy  Bag  Workout 

The popularity of the  heavy  bag  workout  grows every year as more and more people witness the large number of benefits. This workout has resulted in people losing ideal weight, toning their body, gaining strength and confidence along with many other related benefits.

To perform a successful  heavy  bag  workout  there are 4 simple steps you must follow in order to maximise the results you desire:

1. Break your workout into three 2-minute rounds. This may sound easy but if you perform your workout properly, this can be very intense. Gradually increase the rounds as you develop.

2. You MUST think of the bag as an opponent, this is important as it allows your mind and body to stay sharp instead of throwing a barrage punches until your fuel runs out. Half of the training in boxing comes from your focus on defence and movement. Therefore the best way to insure you don’t get lazy with the defensive side is to imagine the bag as an opponent who could hit you back at any time…HARD!

3. Never stop moving! Whether your throwing punches, skipping around the bag or weaving your upper body, you must always keep moving. This is how you maintain the intensity of your workout. Always remain on your toes while moving and punching, this is also very vital in order for you to stay sharp. If you become really tired, weaving your upper body and throwing single jabs is a good way to stay moving yet recover your energy.

4. When throwing combos be sure to throw at least four punches per combo and always return to your defensive stance.

Create Your Specific  Heavy  Bag  Workout 

A  heavy  bag  workout  can be slightly modified to focus on the goals your aiming to achieve, here are a different ways of modifying your workout for different outcomes:

Weight Lose- To use your  heavy  bag  workout  to lose more weight be sure to focus more on your movement around the bag and weaving the upper body, and avoid staying still at any point of the rounds this should increase your work rate and burn more fat.


Torso strength- if you’re looking to gain strength from your  heavy  bag  workout , try to focus more on throwing effective punches on the  heavy  bag, maybe increase the amount of punches per combo. Focus on the speed of the punch rather then the strength of the punch and always remember speed equals power. Also don’t forget to twist your body while throwing punches, as the strength of the punch comes from the hips.

Work on stamina- if you want to build your stamina up, work on all four steps mentioned earlier but instead, increase the rounds to three minutes instead of two. By doing this you will start to see a great improvement in your stamina after your first workout due to the high intensity.

Toning your body- the  heavy  bag  workout  is brilliant for toning your body if you just follow the 4 steps. However if you want to increase it’s ability to tone your body then be sure to remain more focused on the punching and weaving as this allows your muscles to work harder and be sure to move on your toes as this will also help use more muscles. Also by ducking using your legs will help tone your leg muscles especially your bum.

The heavy doesn’t just help physically; it can benefit people in a number of different ways mentally. By working on confidence, self belief, coordination of the mind and body, stress, anger and any many other emotional problems. It has been proven to help many people channel their negative energy into positive feelings. All in all there is at least one way that you can benefit from a  heavy  bag  workout , so what are you waiting for?

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