Healthy Diet Plans Or Diet Myths?

Diet plans or diet myths seems to be a straightforward question but, in trying to come up with a healthy eating plan, many people become perplexed about the accuracy of much of the diet advice

So let’s try and establish some facts so you may be able to choose the healthy eating plan that suits you rather than get bogged down in the many diet myths.

Lots of “fatties” think that they are fat because of their DNA. You may have heard that some people inherit a gene related to obesity and this is a proven fact.

However, genetic facts are not a reasonable excuse for avoiding a weight loss program.

There are lots of folk who just do not accept that a healthy diet is part of losing weight. Well, they’re wrong! A healthy weight loss diet is easily proven as soon a s you step on the bathroom weighing scales. A healthy diet includes six to eight glasses of water a day, five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, lean meats and quality carbohydrates.


Ignore any food high in saturated fats, sugar and salt as well as the dreaded muffin (350 calories+), cakes, biscuits and fancy cream filled pastries. Add on about 25 – 30 minutes of movement each day and you will on the way to a fit and healthy body.

However, that does not mean you cannot have one or two treats providing they are just one or two and in moderation. You can take to heart the title of the old song “A little of what you fancy does you good” made famous by the old time music-hall star Marie Lloyd in the late 19th century.

Many folk are simply unaware that processed foods are not as healthy as fresh fruit and vegetables and treat this information as one of the diet myths. They seem to be seduced by the idyllic illustrations featuring happy animals in sylvan surroundings. Nonetheless, fruit and vegetables have superior health giving properties to processed foods. They are frequently jam-packed salt, sugar, preservatives and additives to improve the taste and shelf life.

Unless you have nothing else in the house there is no need to fall back on processed foods. In fact, one good reason for eating fresh produce is that it is cheaper and more satisfying. If you eat a properly planned healthy menu it is easy to fill up good food such as rice, bulses, beans and vegetables. And, a useful bonus, it will have a much more attractive flavor and be an essential part of any diet plan.

Therefore, a good diet plan does not have to be expensive, in fact it will be considerably cheaper that eating takeaways and oven-ready meals. Certainly, it’s an urban myth that fresh fruit and vegetables are much dearer than ready meals, processed foods and similar.

Nonetheless, it does mean that you have to take a little extra time to prepare your own meals. Nevertheless,excellent diet plans are worth the trouble.

Source by Jack Ritchies


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