Get in Shape by Jumping Rope Fast

If you jump rope regularly then you’ve involved yourself in the most rigorous and effective of weight loss programs. The cost of getting enrolled in the program is equal to the cost of the jump rope. There is no bulky machinery that is involved in the process, in fact you can carry it around and get started anywhere. The basic facts associated with the workout includes burning calories at a rate faster than walking does.

A person weighing 150 pounds can burn 171 calories by skipping nonstop for fifteen minutes. A heavier person can burn more calories in the same time. The workout is known to train your heart and make it more efficient in pumping blood to your vessels. The muscle involvement is miraculous. The legs, abs, arms and calves all are involved in bringing the balance to you.


How should you jump rope?

First purchase a jump rope from any sport gear outlet; they cost around $10 to $15, but never more. The adjustable ropes are better because they can adjust according to one’s torso. If you have a family of six and all want to jump rope, isn’t it wise to buy an adjustable rope instead of getting six jump ropes? The handles must be strong and comfortable and should be able to absorb the sweat released by your palms.

Once you have the rope, adjust it to your upper body measurement. When you hold the handles, put a foot on the swinging rope on the ground; place it exactly in midway of the two handles. Once you positioned your foot, pull up the handles; they should reach your armpits.

Warming up is important before any exercise. You just can’t get started and do it nonstop. First perform some push-ups and crunches or other similar exercises before you pull the rope.

Once you’ve warmed up enough, start jumping lightly; do not immediately pace up. Take your time getting used to the workout. Keep on jumping continuously. Allow yourself to rest when you feel you can’t do it anymore. Take a rest of a minute or so and then begin skipping again. A strong beginner is one who can jump continuously for five minutes without stopping. Try reaching the goal.

It’s very important that you take breaks. You could perform the warm up exercises while you’re resting; this helps you build stamina.

Must Dos While Skipping

Athletic shoes should be worn while skipping. Avoid the running shoes since they do not reduce the damage of the impact your feet make with the ground while jumping. If jumping rope is very difficult then put on some fast music and keep up with it, or put on your favorite television show. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be done with, in a matter of minutes.

Never jump on hard surfaces, the impact on your feet can be damaging. It’s best to purchase a mat and place it under your feet while skipping. This will reduce the impact drastically. If you feel any breathing trouble or the like while skipping immediately consult your doctor and resume with the exercise if he asks you to do so.

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