Fire Your Trainer Part II

Fire Your Trainer Part II

Ah jogging, cardio…

Getting out on the open road.  And then do something repetitively until you lose weight…or something breaks…or you get bored or die of old age, looking even older.

Skinny FInn 2

I wasn’t even at the gym and I saw a phenomenon of why jogging is so bad:

The baby step runner.

Those feet move less and less and your knees rise less and less, until you look like a very unhealthy shuffler.

If you are a jogger who thinks that time and distance are everything and you force yourself to run as far as you can because hey the chart says you burn 100 calories a mile…then you are missing on some key points.

First, you aren’t running, you’re adapting your gait to move as efficiently as possible.  You aren’t going fast, you’re barely going faster than walking.  Instead, what’s happening is your gait gets more and more efficient, which means you’re burning fewer and fewer calories.

Second, you aren’t burning fat.  At your pace, you’re maybe burning up the available glucose in your system.  If you burn that up, you may end up burning your protein…muscles.  So, you end up with the same amount of fat with less muscle tone.  Hey, just because some doctor 50 years ago decided that your body was a battery and fat cells are the only possible way of dealing with excess calories doesn’t mean that your genetics listened.  Your cardio could be an assault on anything but your fat cells.

Finally, you’ve just made yourself hungrier than you were before.  And what are you going to do?  Drink liquid carbs?  Eat a pizza?  I mean, you basically just put gasoline on fire with that “” drink, further making you thirstier and hungrier while spiking your insulin.

So…what to do?  Well, read my book.  Otherwise, at least figure out why you’re running. As Lord Taubes sayeth:

 I pointed out in my article in New York Magazine, the world is full of plenty of people who exercise diligently and continue to gain weight from year to year, including several of the world authorities on exercise and weight loss.


If you look at animal studies, it’s pretty clear that animals respond to exercise by eating more and the exercise has no effect on fat accumulation.

If running only makes you fatter, then why do it?


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