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February is the Perfect Month to Mix Things Up

Everyone falls into ruts.  Even when it’s the new year, your resolutions may not even start because of bad weather and holiday hangovers.  Come on, the holiday season doesn’t truly end until the Broncos lose the SuperBowl.

And lose it, they have.  So Now, let’s consider it time to really get those resolutions going.

Consider this, as the shortest month, February is perfect to change things.  It won’t last that long and so the pain of change can be limited.  Plus, it the perfect timing to lay the groundwork for beach season.  You want to take off your shirt in public this year, right, so abs take planning.

First, change your diet.  Start reducing those carbs.  It’s quite simple, lose the sweet tooth and start eliminating mindless carb ingestion.  Start taking your coffee with only cream.  No more rolls with dinner.  Dinner starts becoming more about protein and vegetations.  Fruits?  Start saying no to fruits…no OJ, no strawberries, no PB&J…no jelly whatsoever.  It’s not so hard once you get this stuff out of your system.  Once your daily glycemic load goes down, eating less becomes easier and easier.

Second, booze.  If you drink a lot, now is the good time to drink less.  Sure, booze may have a zero glycemic index, but who knows, it sure makes people fat.

Third, change your workout.  Everyone of us can run into routines that limit our progress.  Even if you’re following a basic texas method of building strength, maybe it’s time to … once you hit basic strength standards … branch out your skills.


Here are some forgotten muscles and exercises that you can focus on to change things up:

1.  Work on pull ups.  For most of us, this is a strength exercise as you can only do less than 5.  But you should be able to do 10-20.  So, work on increasing your arm and back strength so that you can turn this into a cardio routine.

2.  Move towards high intensity workouts.  High intensity training (HIT) is where true athletic performance comes from.  You don’t win games by merely being strong or by being able to jog a few miles. You win by having sustained explosive speed.  Also, HIT will help boost your testosterone, which is a good thing.

3.  Increase your reps to build mass.  Everyone loves mass.

4.  Back muscles.  Improving your back muscles will help improve your posture.  This group of muscles seems to be ignored.

5.  Change your cardio routine.  Instead of jogging/running, try swimming.  If you haven’t done it in a while, throw in some yoga.

Resolved…let’s get those resolutions running.


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