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I would like to write about exercises that help burning fat. Some are lighter but take more time, some are more extreme but are last shorter. Which way you choose is up to you. You might already heard about them or you are just trying to find something suitable for yourself. Either way you may find some interesting information in this article.

HIIT – high-intensity interval training. It is rather for slightly more advanced people or these with lower weight. This method is all about mixing low rate pulse (about 60% of allowed maximum) exercises with these of a high rate (about 95% of maximum). First you do a simple, short warm-up and then you are ready to go. You should start with low intensity part then a high one – that is the first interval. After first you do next, and another, and another… Remember that low intensity part is your recovery – you must not sit down between intervals. It is up to your shape how many intervals you do but remember not to exceed 25 minutes for whole exercise including a warm-up and, after the workout, a cool down (basically the same moves like in warm-up). It is advised to start with 3-5 intervals and add one every about two weeks (it depends on your progress). The best thing is that you can do actually any exercise you want. The best however is running, but it may be unhealthy for joints or simply too hard if you are not too fit. You can go with an exercise bike, a rowing machine, stepper (any cardiovascular) or try swimming or walking (The Nordic one is preferred).

For example: warm-up: 1-2 minutes 3 intervals: 30sec trot / 10sec sprint cool down: 1-2 minutes

YES, it takes 5-6 minutes! Obviously at the very beginning, but if you are scared of making any effort it is worth trying, isn’t it?

  TABATA  – it is intended strictly for advanced people. This system allows to develop efficiency of anaerobic (power exercises) as well as aerobic (speed exercises) type. The idea is very simple but also brutal. It is not easy to believe in its effectiveness until you try it. What you need to do is to pick one training method that fits system rules, do as many reps as you can 20 sec period, take a brake for 10 sec and repeat that 7 times (total 8). Similar to HIIT it does not take much time. And that is what we all like. Apparently there are some rules that you should apply when choosing exercises. The exercise should:

  1. engage as many muscles as possible
  2. engage muscles evenly (none of them gets tired quicker than other)
  3. allow to put back the weight in safe way in any moment of exercise
  4. allow to quickly put back weight when you start to recover and to quickly take it when you start the exercise – classic squats are not suitable

The best exercise is squats. The only difference is that you keep the barbell at the front. Weight should be around 20% of your maximum one. You only increase it when you are able to do eight reps in the last set. For home exercisers there is other brilliant and quite safe workout:

The Thruster – stand with legs spread at the width of arms. Take two dumbbells and hold them at the level of shoulders. Do a deep squat (buttocks almost on a floor), then stand up and lift your arms above your head until they are straight. Move back dumbbells to shoulders. That is the first repetition. Do as much as you can…

AEROBIC – the name is known all over the world, but unfortunately, usually it is not known well. It includes all cardiovascular exercises like running or riding a bike. The main difference to other two is that you must keep your pulse rate at about 3/4 of your maximum. Plenty of people think that when they push harder, increasing blood pressure to the upper limit, their results will become bigger. And that is not true. All the energy burnt during aerobic exercises is taken from carbohydrates and fat. When you work harder you burn more calories. To force your organism to burn fat you need to do exercise for at least 30 minutes (after that time your body starts burning fatty tissue) and it is impossible to do so when you are reaching your limit. Maximum duration should not exceed 1 hour. You can choose actually any exercise. It depends on you, your health and shape as well as the money. The great advantage of this type of exercises is that they can be done by people who are not quite fit or even who have health problems (e.g. bad knee). However there are some disadvantages. During long aerobic sessions you lose muscles that are essential in fat burning. Also after a while your body gets used to effort and simply burns less calories.


Source by Tomasz Jankowski


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