Explore New Foods With Paleo Diet Recipes


Are you tired of eating the same old foods week after week? Are you buying the same foods from your local supermarket on every shopping trip? Is your baked chicken breast and steamed veggies getting a bit tired? If this sounds like what’s going on in your kitchen, read on and discover how to spice up your diet with Paleo diet recipes. These recipes only include the most healthy variety of foods that were lovingly created by mother nature to support you in achieving optimal health and fitness.

Meat and Stuff You’ve Never Eaten

Paleo diet recipes make it easy for you to exploring the endless possibilities of meat, poultry and fish including:

– Deer: Good for weight management and heart health, and is also a good source of vitamins and minerals

– Goose: Good for treating the common cold and emphysema. Also good source of essential amino acids

– Walleye: Good source of potassium,vitamins, minerals and omega-3

Adding variety to your food choices really supports you in giving your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and vibrant.

Veggies You’ve Never Eaten

With Paleo diet recipes, you will be encouraged to explore veggies because, although broccoli and carrots are really good for you, there are so many other veggie options to chose from such as:

– Leeks: Good source of fiber folic acid, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. It is also easier to digest than standard onions

– Bok Choy: Good source of vitamin C and K. It’s also a anti-oxidant and supports weight loss

– Rapini: Good source of vitamin A and K and also reduces the risk of stroke

Don’t limit yourself to just two or three super foods, give your body all the love and goodness it deserves by incorporating a wide variety of vegetables into your diet on a regular basis.

Explore New Recipes

By incorporating a larger variety of healthy, natural foods into your diet, you will be giving your body the nutrition it may be missing when you eating a more limited diet. However, what makes the process of exploring new foods even more exciting, and creatively stimulating are recipes. Paleo diet recipes can add spice and spunk to just about anything. Examples of these recipes are:

– Roasted Salmon with Fennel, red onion and Tomatoes

– Greek Lamb Marinade and

– Moqueca, Brazilian fish stew

Lastly, Paleo diet recipes challenge you to open your mind, expand your pallet and reek the health benefits of maintaining a healthy, varied diet. Until next time, eat adventurously!


Source by Lawanda Johnson


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