The Most Important Exercise Question You Can Be Asked (and why the answer is irrelevant)

Why-Am-I-Still-Fat-2People wander into and out of gyms and without any idea of what they’re doing or why.  You see it, you’ve done it.  You walk into a gym and figure, I guess I will do a few reps on the non-scary bench-press machine.  Or whatever, you just go for a jog because hey, it’s exercise.

Stop and ask yourself, “what am I doing?  What are my goals?”  Chances are the answers will be the same no matter who you are or in what stage of life you are at.

Chances are you interested in working out to “get in shape,” or “to lose some weight”.  That’s it, right?  I am sure that you could vary your response but it’s just another way of saying, “I would like to make my body look good.”  If you’re young, you’ll probably (or you should) be thinking “how can I get ready to perform at my best in sports?”

The answer is almost always the same.  You need to build strength.  Now, when I say that to people, some get defensive and respond, “I don’t want to get too big,” or “hey, man, I can totally bench 185 (or whatever number)!”  Don’t worry, I’m not advocating where you get hulked out.

This process is important because if you’re going to dedicate several hour of each week of your life to “getting in shape,” you should know what you want and then know how to get there.  Don’t just show up, do a few curls and situps and leave.

No, any fitness path you take, whether you are a man or woman, or young to old, should start with strength.  With that in your pocket, the next steps in your path are easier.  And really, the paths are the same, slim down, bulk up, or get better at sports.  Either way, you’ll look better and perform better once you create a base of strength.  Indeed, before you get your body fat down to 5% to show off the glorious abs, you’ll at least have an inverted triangular shape which is most pleasing than the old oval or apple shape.


Of course, the next thing you’ll learn is that your new found muscles will need power and cardio to keep going strong, so don’t focus on the strength numbers. Indeed, some folks get tunnel vision looking to do 2-plates or 3-plates or whatever.  Strength can become a comfort zone and the 5-stage human machine system will move yhou on to the next avenue of athletic and aesthetic achievement.


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