Effective Weight Loss Program – How Trish Lost 283 Lbs


Successful Weight Loss Program.

Trish Cubias Lost 283 pounds with her Healthy Weight Loss Plan! You too can lose weight with a sound plan including the four components necessary for successful weight loss. This is how Trish did it.

  Motivation .

First and foremost you must realize you have a problem and be motivated to fix the problem. Unfortunately we often have to go through tragedy in our lives before we realize there is a problem and address that problem. In Trishs’ case it was her mothers death. You see her mom weighed over 550 lbs when she passed and the death certificate listed obesity as the cause of death. Trish saw herself going down the same path. This was her personal  motivation  to change what she was doing so she would not experience the same outcome. Whoever we are and whatever we do to achieve any goal we must have a personal  motivation . We are not successful because it is important to other people. We are successful when in our heart we have a burning passion and desire to achieve our stated goal. So the death of her mom ignited that burning desire in Trish to lose weight. So this became the  motivation  Trish needed to achieve her goals. What is your  motivation ? Why do you want to lose weight? No one can answer that for you. It must come from within. Even if I gave you examples of other peoples  motivation , when it is not your own  motivation  it is useless to you. Frankly you can stop reading here if you have no  motivation  to lose  weight . Without passion or a burning desire it is less likely that you will be successful.

Your Weight Loss Plan.

Just like your  motivation  your  weight   loss  plan has to be personal and come from within. That is not to suggest you create a plan out of your imagination and hope it works. No, I mean the plan you choose, you adapt it to your lifestyle and internalize it to fit you. Your goals and action steps are tailored to fit who you are and your needs. But, there are certain things you must do to be successful.

Whole Body Cleanse.

The first step is an effective natural whole body cleanse. I always suggest that as first for these important reasons. first of all we are often full of toxic waste that are deadly to our systems and need to cleansed for our overall health. Secondly, when you do a natural whole body cleanse you will have more energy while your metabolism increases. Increased energy and metabolic rate are essential to weight loss. Finally, you will have immediate success. Within 2 weeks you will see results and this will help keep you motivated and working toward your goals. Initial and quick success are always a helpful motivational tool to keep you going. Trish used a Natural Herbal Cleanse as a whole body cleanse and to start her weight loss plan.

Healthy Diet.

One the most important components of a successful weight loss plan is to eat healthy. Without a healthy diet it does not matter what supplements you take nor how much exercise you do. By continually eating a high fat, low fiber diet without complete and proper nutrition you are setting yourself up for failure. Your healthy diet should be based on eating fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains vs. processed foods, nuts, seeds, and beans. Limit your fat intake by reducing the meat, sugar and salt in your diets. Drink plenty of water and eat 5 to 6 small meals each day (starting with a healthy breakfast) versus 1 or 2 larger meals. For many people it is hard to limit how many calories they eat because weight loss is sometimes a major change. After you complete your Natural Herbal Cleanse I suggest you begin with natural meal replacement shakes for breakfast and starting a Metabolic Nutrition System that will give you full array of the vitamins and minerals you need while helping to suppress your appetite for those unhealthy and fatty foods.

Regular Physical Exercise.

Equally important to a healthy diet is regular physical exercise. Both cardio and resistance training are necessary to effectively lose weight and keep it off. Exercise burns calories and fat. As you build muscle mass your body continually burns fat to feed the muscle. In reality the fat that our body stores up is the fat that we do not use. So conversely we either exercise to burn the fat or the fat will build up in our systems. When we exercise we get more energy as we build more muscles. We often need a boost. The Boost that Trish used and I recommend is natural nutritional energy boost supplement.

Essential Components.


The four essential components to a successful  weight   loss  plan are  motivation , natural nutritional supplements (starting with a whole body cleanse), a healthy diet of high fiber and low fat, and regular physical exercise (both cardio and resistance training). I have just presented an outline and the four major components to include in your weight loss plan. Yet I would encourage you to consider professional help from a nutritionist and professional trainer. This is how Trish Cubias lost 283 lbs.

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