Dubious Achievements in Healthy Foods


Here’s a problem for dieters or people trying to lose or maintain weight:  We’ve been filled with lies about what is or is not “healthy”.

Case in point.  This thing:

rice just rice
hi would you like some pure carbs?

I was in a high end grocery store and near the cheese, they were hawking a newer, better, more puffier version of this stupid piece of alleged health food.

Think about it.  There’s nothing really healthy about this thing.  Just pure carbs with maybe a gram of protein.  This is hawked as healthy because it has no fat.  Instead, it’s the very definition of empty calories.   And since it has a Glycemic Index of 77(!) , it’ll have the same insulin effect as sugar.  You’ll be hungry again shortly.  Hungrier, actually.   On the other hand, string cheese?  A glycemic index of about 2.  So.  What’s healthy?  Snack on the cheese or nuts, not the bland and awful rice cake.


You should be invested in your diet.  You should watch your daily carb intake and your for the day.

And you should never be hungry.  Snack on things that won’t blow out your glycemic load for the day.

And because we’re filled with bad information on diets, affronts to healthy eating like rice cakes exist and get counted as healthy.  And that’s why some people struggle with their weight while ostensibly doing everything they can to lose weight.


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