Different Weight Benches and Weights


A weight bench and weights are sold separately most of the times although some companies selling weight benches now offer free trial weights for the fitness beginner. Different types of weight benches utilize different kinds of weights while some weight benches do not use any weights at all. Abdominal weight benches, for example, do not use weights as the person utilizes the bench’s inclined plain and his own body weight to build resistance as he performs crunches on the inclined plain.


There are different types of weights which one can use for strengthening and toning a set of muscles. All these kinds can be split into two types: Free weights and weights machines. Free weights are any sort of gym accessory such as dumb bells or barbells which are not constrained to an equipment and are actually portable. Weights machine is an apparatus wherein they are affixed to it (by cables, for example) and are not portable. Examples of weight machines are cable operated, where one pulls on a bar with a cable attached to it and the weights are at the other end.

Free versions are more versatile and easier to use as they are not constrained to one equipment and one purpose. They are cheaper, too. It often utilize the body’s natural movement whereas with a machines, they are just constricted to one movement. A hundred different exercises can be done with just a few pieces of free weights.

The perfect type of weight benches to use when you plan on using free weights is the flat bench. You can do many types of positions while weight lifting when using flat benches. You can lie supine as you lift barbells. You can sit on one side while your elbows are propped on your knees while lifting dumb bells. You can stand on one side with one leg kneeling on it and one hand palm down while lifting dumb bells with the other.
Another equipment to use free weights on is the preacher curl bench. The preacher curl bench has an inclined table facing opposite the fitness enthusiast. He drapes his arms over the table and rests on them as he lifts weights. This position is perfect in isolating the biceps and you can use it to its full potential while weight lifting.

Choosing the right combination of weight benches and weights can help a person stay fit and in shape. Different sets of combination adhere to different body types and different weight training goals. If you are just a beginner, you can start with a flat bench and several rubber encased weights (so it won’t chip off nor scratch the floor when you accidentally drop it). For advanced users, one can get preacher curl tables and a heavy duty barbell.

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