Diet Plans That Work

Many people look for weight loss diet plans as if they were shopping for a TV. They want to see the one that is cheapest, easiest, most recommended, most popular or “best.” they spend countless hours comparing different diet meal plans and calculating how much money each will require and how quickly they will lose weight with each program. In reality, however, the key factor has little to do with the diet program itself; there are literally hundreds of different diet plans that work for some people. The important thing is knowing yourself and your own needs well enough to find a diet plan that works for you.

My cousin is a great example of this. He used to be extremely overweight, but he found a weight-loss diet plan that was perfect for his way of living. It was a points-based system that allowed him to eat a variety of different foods so long as he didn’t go over his allotment. In his diet program, there were a lot of points available for eating vegetables and fruits, a fair number for grains, less for lean meats and very few fats. He is a methodical person, and he enjoyed counting out every ounce to make sure he didn’t go over, so it was a perfect program for him.


Of course, diet plans that work for meticulous, organized people are not necessarily the plans that work best for people who are extremely busy or loath to keep records of what they eat. My friend Allen is extremely disorganized, and needs another list of stuff to keep track of like he needs a hole in his head. He is also very busy, and doesn’t have much time to cook. He talked to a nutrition counselor, looking for diet plans that work for people who don’t have the time or inclination for points or preparing food.

The counselor pointed him in the direction of one of those premade meal diet plans. Rather than counting calories, all he has to do is eat packaged food from the diet program. He has a small meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few snacks in between as prescribed by the program. Because he doesn’t really have to think about the diet plan, it has worked wonders for him. He has lost 35 pounds in only a few months, and keeps getting skinnier.

I tried both of these approaches, but neither was a good match for me. I don’t like measuring portions carefully and did not really want to spend all the money for premade diet food. One of my good friends pointed me in the direction of a protein heavy diet plan. These are diet plans that work by cutting out starches and sugars almost completely in favor of lots of fats and meat. It sounded strange to me, but it really worked! So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds eating steaks, eggs, bacon and all the other fatty foods I love!

Source by Eli Rutledge


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