Diet Plans That Work – 4 Diet Plans Face Off

In a recent study 4 of the most popular  diet   plans  faced off to see which user would lose the most weight. Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Each  diet  took an overweight or obese adult from age 20 to 47 and randomly assigned to a  diet . For 2 month they were on their own with their assigned  diet  until they were recalled for a weigh-in.

So who lost the most pounds at the day of the weigh-in ? The contestant who followed their  diet  the closest. Even though all of these were  diet   plans  that work, 42 % of the contestants didnt lose any weight at all on any of these easy  diet   plans .

The results were issued on the 5th of January

– The Aktins lose weight  diet   plan  : average lost 4.6 pounds 53 % stuck to the  diet 

– Weight Watchers lose weight  diet   plan  : average lost 6.6 pounds 65 % stuck to the  diet 

– South Beach lose weight  diet   plan  : average lost 7.1 pounds 61 % stuck to the  diet 


– Fat Loss 4 Idiots lose weight  diet   plan  : average lost 7.4 pounds 67 % stuck to the  diet 

Although it wasn’t a significant difference in the weight loss between each plan, meaning that a lot of it could have been chance or luck.

Does this study show that everyone trying to  diet  should join Fat Loss 4 Idiots ? No because study’s show that different bodies different people which all results in different  diets  different people. This study just shows the best  diet  to choose statistically. It all comes down to whether or not you can find the approach which is best for you. Its not all magic, but its if you can find the magic that works for you.

Source by Corey Webster


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