Diet Plans That Work

There are at least a thousand different diet plans available online but the question is, do any of them actually work? Of course, it would be silly to think that absolutely none of these free diet plans work. There is also credibility involved in making some of these diet plans. For the most part, it is probably just some lame writer who created a complete guide to dieting in a form of an eBook but there is still light in this department.

Some known nutritionists publish their works online and provide free diet plans to those who are desperately trying to lose weight. These are guaranteed to work given that the followers really stick with the rules religiously.

The even better news is these diet plans are not complicated at all. They are not hard to follow. Yes, they require focus and determination but other than that, everything is easy. There would be no hard to swallow foods, no ridiculous amounts of exercise and certainly no starvation.

It is general knowledge how starvation is not healthy but people still starve themselves anyway because they think this is the fastest way to lose weight. It is not. That is the most common myth in the entire weight loss history. Not eating could kill you. It could sometimes still let you live but you would go crazy. Your brain cells would stop functioning and you will begin to see things.

You cannot let your normal life be affected just because you want to be thinner. There are safe ways to dieting. One is following calorie shifting. This is a relatively new method of weight loss. The magic behind this is tricking the metabolism into thinking that you are not dieting at all.

First thing you need to do is compute your allowed daily caloric intake. For girls, 1200-1400 is often suggested but it would still depend on your actual height and weight. You do calorie shifting by varying your caloric intake and confusing the body. If the body feels that there is no distinct pattern in the amount of calories that you take in, it would not think that you are actually following a diet plan.

For instance, you can take 1200 calories today. The net day, consume 1300 calories then make it 1100 the day after that. Just make sure you do not go way beyond your suggested caloric intake because that would just ruin your diet plan.

Calorie shifting has not been around for long but people are already raving about it. Since this has actual scientific basis, people are no longer so pessimistic. You can give it a try and see just how many pounds you would lose in just two weeks.


There are also other diet plans that work and you can find a lot online. There are some trusted websites that you could go to. They offer free downloads sometimes so take advantage of those. There you will see complete food guides that could help you on your way to becoming healthier and a lot fitter.

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