Diet Plans For Busy Mothers

I’m going to tell you what one of my female clients told me the other day in her quest to regain control over her body and what she eats. At the beginning, she couldn’t “see it.” But after she shared her story with me… it was a ha-ha moment for her  diet   plans !

While you are reading this article… I would like you to see if you recognize any similar behaviors that you do also…

This was her typical day:

Out of bed by five am. When you have kids… you don’t have the time to sleep in!

Two to three cups of coffee with cream and sugar to wake up.

Breakfast number one: a quick snack of a cereal bar.

Breakfast number two: the children’s breakfast leftovers. Mom always taught me to clean up my plates. Or there are starving children in Asia… (sigh)

Lunch: An easy to make frozen meal that is microwaved. Like a burrito and sour cream. (yeah, I know… the real stuff) And… whatever the kids didn’t finish for their lunch.

While running errands around the town… quick stop at McDonald’s for a snack wrap. They are so tiny and I don’t feel guilty as if I was eating a Big Mac.

And yeah… I usually have to eat the French Fries my son doesn’t want. I justify it because I just had a small, snack wrap and a few French Fries isn’t that bad…

Mid-Afternoon snack. The kids are taking a nap downstairs so I clean up the house and put away the children’s things. All the while… snacking on Pretzels and (Halloween candy). I find that I have to hide the candy in the children’s room so when they are taking a nap… I won’t be tempted to wake them up to eat some candy. (Most of the time that works — but not always because I have cravings for something sweet).

Before dinner, I will start looking in the kitchen what to prepare for dinner. Usually, I don’t find anything GOOD. I know, I know… I didn’t plan ahead of time and now I am too tired to think about that!


So I play with my children until my husband gets home. And we decide what to have for dinner. Since we both are busy and really tired around this time… we generally ALWAYS decide to go out for dinner.

And this works out great for me because I feel couped in the house all day and going out for dinner is like a treat!

And then… you guess it. I finish what my kids don’t eat.

And I feel that I have lost control of my  diet  and I am really, really tired all the time. I have no energy and I feel guilty for not making better nutrition choices for myself and my family. I don’t feel good about ME!

Please help!

(This is me talking again)

What you just read is quite normal for many moms. I call it the  diet   plan  for busy mothers. Which is really, no  diet   plan  at all! And as soon as you identify when you are making poor choices… you can substitute it for a healthy  diet   plan .

What I do suggest that you do… is write down every single thing that you eat during the day. It is quick and easy. Just get a small notebook that you can put in your pocket. Just write it down because at the end of the week… you are going to be so surprised why your  diet  is out of control.

Get started on your food journal… just do it! You will be glad that you did…

Source by Matt Taylor


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