Developing Weight Loss Motivation

 Motivation  plays a very significant role in the successful completion of any uphill task that we take up in our life. It acts as the booster to help us carry on when the going gets really tough.  Motivation  levels keep on fluctuating as it may seem to be skyrocketing one day or going below the grave on the other.  Weight   loss  is considered to be one such job where if you lack  motivation  then you are certain to fail. The  motivation  level often changes with our feelings. For instance, if you wake up in the morning feeling really down then it is sure that you are going to give your workouts a miss, but if you feel great after waking up then two extra sets of push seems to be a joyride. This is the difference that the  motivation  level can make! Hence, it is very important that one creates a system through which the  weight   loss   motivation  can be maintained. Developing  weight   loss   motivation  will give a complete new twist to the way you approach your workout sessions or the foods that you eat.

The  motivation  levels are already at a high when you decide that you are going to lose  weight  by following a particular exercise or diet plan. As the days pass the  motivation  levels keep going down and finally when it completely gets eliminated, you come back to your old unhealthy lifestyle. In order to maintain the level of  motivation  you can try out the following development procedure tips:

a)      Accept what you are: Accepting what you are is the most important thing in developing a high  weight   loss   motivation  level. People often tend to make the mistake of following the looks that are presented in the visual and print media. Make one thing clear to yourself: It is not possible to get a Brad Pitt like body overnight. You have to work hared for the same and the whole process would be time consuming. So you must have the patience for dealing with these types of feelings. You need to hit yourself with the reality that it is not possible to look as handsome as Johnny Depp or as beautiful as Kierra Knightly, but you definitely can look like a fit “You”. Tell yourself that you have to get the best out of your body; you need to look slimmer and feel good. This is the reason why you have been working so hard. “Love thyself” is the mantra to up the ante against your ugly looking body fat.

b)     Gather all the positives: This is the second phase for developing  weight   loss   motivation . Here you need to focus on your positives and look at the brighter side of the weight loss program. Find out all your good points and even better if you can note down the same. This will do a world of good to your self esteem and you are going to enjoy your body and looks like never before.    

Your  motivation  is a mental state and this can be enhanced with effort.


Source by Jane Jenning


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