Delicious Paleo Meals

The Paleo diet is very popular amongst athletes and individuals alike, and creating a Paleo meal plan is relatively easy. The Paleo diet is based on the eating habits of our ancestors in the Stone Age, focusing on meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as a basis to their nutrition. There are a variety of delicious Paleo meals that one can dish up and the combinations are never ending, despite the list of foods that one should avoid.

Meat lovers will really enjoy the Paleo diet. Animal protein forms a major part of your eating habits and there are a number of delicious meals you can prepare. One of these is steak and eggs – an old favourite. To prepare this delicious meal you will need a medium sized steak along with 2 – 3 eggs. You can also add paprika for taste, which is optional. Start by preparing the steak in a preheated pan, with added ghee or tallow. You can also add the paprika if needed. Cook your steak until it’s ready and remove it from the pan. Prepare your eggs medium to well, and serve them up with your steak. That’s it – a delicious, high protein meal.

If you prefer chicken dishes, consider the Lemon Chicken Kebabs. You will use skinless chicken breasts, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and pepper. Just preheat your grill until it’s ready; you can also start soaking the wooden skewers in water to prevent them from burning. Then mix the olive oil, pepper and garlic in a separate bowl and add the chicken pieces to it. After leaving them to marinate for about half an hour, simply add them to the skewers and grill them for a further 15 minutes until they are done. Remember to continuously rotate.


Seafood lovers listen up – grilled scallops in a red pepper sauce is the perfect Paleo meal. You will need to get some coconut oil, a lemon and a dozen large scallops. You will also need to prepare a sauce, which will consist of a large clove of garlic, lemon juice from a freshly squeezed lemon, a large roasted red pepper and some olive oil. Simply squeeze the lemon juice over the scallops to marinade them. Then you can add all of the remaining ingredients together and mix them up until you have a smooth sauce; then heat it in a sauce pan. Finally you need to grill the scallops, using coconut oil, for about five minutes each. When they are done, put them on a plate and cover them with your delicious pepper sauce to complete the meal.

Following the Paleo diet is a healthy way of losing weight, increasing your energy levels and reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer. With the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that you can add to your meals, you will never run out of fresh ideas! You can serve these dishes to the whole family, and prepare tasty snacks to fit in between your planned meals.

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