Daily Weight Loss Motivation Tips – 7 Tips to Successfully Lose Weight


The decision to lose weight or start to exercise usually begins with the fact that you do not like what you see in the mirror and it motivates you to do something about it. You start out on the right foot and stick to healthy eating and exercise, but then something happens and you fall behind or stop all together.

How do we keep ourselves from quitting if we really want to change our body and get fit and lean? This is where daily weight loss motivation begins. We need to remind ourselves every day of our goals and end result. This can be easy for some, but others have a hard time staying focused.

It’s not that you are a quitter, you just can’t stay focused on what you want to achieve and you probably let outside influences get in the way. As soon as something comes between you and your efforts, you lose track and can’t seem to get back on.

Here are some daily weight loss motivation tips to help you stay focused on your goals:

1. You must set realistic goals. Period. Do not expect results that you know are unachievable. This will serve to discourage you and set you back.

2. Change you exercise and weight loss routine often. Sticking to the same boring routine or diet will quickly put the fire out and you won’t want to do it.

3. Make exercise and diet a habit. Incorporate healthy eating into every day activities such as when grocery shopping. Get into the habit of only buying fresh healthy foods and you will be much better equipped to be successful.

4. Stop wanting to be like the models in the advertisements. Not everyone was meant to be a size 4 or have a body like Adonis. Know your body and be realistic in what you want to look like.

5. Recruit the help of friends or relatives in your quest to lose weight and exercise. The buddy system is a great motivator for you both! Each of you can boost the other’s self-esteem and keep you going.


6. Do not make excuses. Life happens, but let things pass and get right back into your routine. An illness, work or family can sometimes interrupt us, but don’t let it stop you.

7. Everyone needs a break now and then so if you’d rather go play tennis instead of sitting on the weight machine, by all means go ahead! You will still be getting a workout, but doing something fun also.

Source by Jenna Dotson


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