Compare Diet Plans – A Sampling

Maybe you have gotten to the point that you think it is time to go on a  diet . You had thought that all you had to do was start eating less food and that would do it. It may have worked some at first, but then you weren’t making any more progress. So you tried to find a formal  diet  that would help. That is where the surprise comes in. There are so many  diets  available that you can get lost among them. That is why this article will compare a few  diet   plans  and give a short summary of each in order to give you some idea of what might work for you.

Big Breakfast  Diet 

This almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. How can you eat a big breakfast and still  diet ? The idea is that if you are going to eat one big meal a day, it should be breakfast. This gets you metabolism burning right at the start of the day. Then, lunch should be smaller, and supper should be the same as lunch or even smaller. You may eat about the same amount of calories as any other  diet , but you group them around the beginning of the day.

Jillian Michaels  Diet 

If you have watched the Biggest Loser on TV, you are familiar with Jillian’s style. This program is not for slackers. There is no quick, easy solution. Its about healthy eating and proper exercise. You will need to learn how to count calories, because if you aren’t burning off more calories in exercise than you are consuming in food, you won’t lose.


The beauty of this  diet  is that someone else does all the work. Your meals are made and planned for you. It is delivered to your door. All you have to do is stick to the food they have prepared. The meals emphasize protein and eating multiple times a day so you should not struggle with hunger. Exercise is recommended as well.

Calorie Shifting  Diet 

This type of  diet  shifts calories from day to day and meal to meal. This is so that the body does not adjust to lower calorie intake and thus slow down the metabolism. In one version of this  diet , you eat four meals a day. There is a full variety of food – in fact you list your favorite foods and the  diet  planner includes those in the  diet  program for you. The  diet  is  planned  for eleven day cycles with three days off after that.

If you look up these  diets  on the internet, you will find more details on each of them. This is just a small sample of how to compare  diet   plans .


Source by Robert Vander Roest


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