Circuit Training to Improve Your Golf Game

Probably my most favorite single workout is a circuit training routine I do at home in my garage. Although it’s a bit dirty in there, it is a large space and I have a nice set up with a weight bench, squat rack with lat machine, dumbbell rack, and a 70 pound heavy bag.

The routine I perform is excellent in that it combines strength training with aerobic conditioning. I combine the moves and forms I learned while training in the art of Pai Lum Kung Fu, with more typical weight lifting and calisthenics. It is easy to substitute the Kung Fu forms with any type of aerobic type exercise, such as jumping rope.

My workout also hits all of the major muscle groups, which is important for golfers, because the golf swing incorporates all of the major muscle groups. However, I should note that most of the exercises focus on the legs, the most important muscles for generating power in your golf swing. The other important benefit to golfers from this routine is that it helps to improve your endurance and it will help shed pounds without doing any high impact aerobic moves. This will help the golfer maintain performance as well at the end of the around as at the beginning.

When I perform this routine, I perform 12 to 15 repetitions for each exercise (except for Kung Fu Stances – which are held for 1 minute). I select a weight that is about 70% of the maximum amount of weight I can lift for one rep.

Here is a sample routine:

Warm Up – Jump Rope for 5 minutes, then light stretching

1. Jump   Rope  – 60 seconds

2. Bench Press –

3. Leg Extension

4. Kung Fu Form 1 or Jump  Rope  60 seconds

5.  Heavy  Bag – 60 seconds – Hands only

6. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

7. Horse Stance – 60 seconds

8. Kung Fu Form 2 or Jump  Rope  60 seconds

9.  Heavy  Bag – 60 seconds – Kicking only

10. Lat Pulldown

11. Step back lunge with dumbbells

12. Kung Fu Form 3 or Jump Rope 60 seconds

13. Heavy Bag – 60 seconds – Hands and Feet

14. Dumbbell Chest Flies

15. Leg Extension

16. Kung Fu Form 4 or Jump Rope 60 seconds

17. Heavy Bag – 60 seconds – Hands Only

18. Seated Cable Row

19. Monkey Stance – 60 seconds

20. Kung Fu Form 5 or Jump Rope 60 seconds

21. Heavy Bag – 60 seconds – Kicking

22. Dumbbell Shoulder Flies

23. Charging Horse Stance

24. Kung Fu Form 6 or Jump Rope 60 seconds

25. Heavy Bag – 60 seconds – Hands and Feet


You should note that there is no essentially no rest in between exercises, this keeps the heart rate up through the entire workout. This particular routine takes about 30 minutes to complete after the warm up.

Depending upon how much time I have, I will do a workout that lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. There is a myriad of exercises you can include in this type of workout, and many you can perform without having any equipment.

You will note that this particular circuit routine does not include any exercises that work on your core muscles such as the lower back and abdominals. I prefer to work these muscles in a separate routine after my circuit workout. However, you can certainly include these in any circuit routine.

During your off-season training, a good circuit routine should be an important of your program to improve your golf game. The benefits of a good circuit routine are truly significant to the golfer, as it will improve strength in all of the important muscle groups while at the same time it will improve your overall endurance. If you perform this routine three days per week and combine it with a proper diet, you will also have the added benefit of weight loss if needed.

Remember, even though the weather may be cold in your part of the world, you can still improve your golf game!

Source by Scott Allan Cole


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