Cardio Workout at Home!

Cardio workouts, especially for the aged, prove to be the best alternative workout. No weights, no straining of the body parts, no unnecessary strain-related injuries or broken bones or dislocated joints – overall, it’s an overall solution for an elderly person’s health and well being. Also recommended for overly overweight people, since too much of fat is inversely proportional to large muscle masses. To make that muscle visible, nothing burns fat better initially than a good cardio workout.

But a busy lifestyle being the chief barrier between urge and possibility, most of us do not find sufficient time to walk down to the gym. Even if they do, the travelling means is the car or any other motorized vehicle that kills the very basic idea of a workout. Walking to the gym makes the quads work and thus, produces the testosterone, a natural fat burner; however, that must not stand as a barrier now since a good cardio workout can be obtained if a person gets hold of instructional videos. These are what the industry calls the Workout DVDs and a treadmill is the only equipment (not necessarily a motorized one) that you’ll require to go with it. Brisk, jog or run, flat, inclined or declined – it’s solely upon your discretion; even the angle at which you want. Add to it a stationary bike and paddle away the extra flab. Just like the treadmill, the bike has several user-selected options to choose from to control the amount of pressure you would like to apply on it.


Remember the childhood days at the park? Yes, it’s the jump rope being discussed now; it is the least expensive workout equipment that you’ll ever find. A 20 to 30 minutes schedule with the jump rope gives you full body exercise for both muscle toning and fat burn and if added with a step workout (not the fancy stuff but heavy duty ones) equipment, your recipe for a tasty fat-burn pie will be complete. But then again, remember that you need to eat it too, to see any result showing up.

Source by Luka Bozic


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