Can You Be Motivated To Lose Weight?

“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”Tony Dorsett

There is no better   motivation  than self  motivation .

 Motivation  coming from outside sources such as a book, a movie, a program or another person, is just encouragement to follow a certain way. In the best case it will inspire you to start doing something different.

Nobody knows better than you what you want and why you want it.

There can be no better  motivation  than your own desires. It should be something that drives you forward in such a way that you become unstoppable.

 Motivation  from outside sources can only help you if you adopt it as your own. Nobody likes to be told what to do, even though we know that what is suggested makes perfect sense.

It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of what feels good for you. It has to be a perfect fit. It has to be yours. You are the one to have the idea, you are the one to take the decision for your own personal reasons.

One day I decided that’s it. I am not compromising any more, no more excuses, no more extra weight. The first priority was to shred the extra weight. It wasn’t something to be taken care of at a later time, it had to be now. I made a choice to start losing weight right now.

I knew I would have to make a few chances in my nutrition and my daily schedule. I had to make plans for the future me. I tackle my weight management as a project with goals and milestones.

But most important I stay motivated all day long. I have reminder everywhere and especially in the kitchen. It is so easy to forget.

But I do not want to forget because I want to wear this cute pair of trousers that is just waiting for me: a size 10. My husband writes me “love letters” on the biscuit box and leaves special messages every where in the kitchen.

It is all a matter of choice. I focus on my weight management and on my health. I indulge myself from time to time but in very small portions and I enjoy every bite. I enjoy it even more than before, because it is done on purpose and not as a habit. I do not feel any guilt at all.

I am constantly aware of my goal. I have reminders everywhere: on my computer, my schedule, even my mobile reminds me when needed. I use all the tools at my disposition to stay motivated. I write on Post-it and leave them on my desk, in my bathroom, on the fridge and everywhere in the kitchen.

I plan my meals; I schedule my workout and accept all the support I can get. I try to stay away from negativity.


Source by Isabelle Epstein


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