Can Jumping Rope Replace Running?

Now that it’s gotten cold out, a lot of people hate to run outside. You’ve got footing problems due to snow and ice, you suck in cold air…All in all, running outside in the cold isn’t as much fun as running when it’s sunny and warm. So, you might consider another alternative, jumping rope.

Jumping rope can be an excellent replacement for running or biking. It works your body in a completely different way. The movements are springy and require that the lower legs provide much more activity during the motion than when you run.


You should also be aware that even though you might have conditioned legs due to your running work, you probably are going to experience some soreness. This is because you’re working muscles that you haven’t really been training while you run.

Some people might struggle a little bit with the form at first. It’s only natural, it’s a learned skill. This can be a little frustrating at first because your pace may be slower than your running pace and you might not feel like the workout is as good as when you run. However, if you stick with it, you’ll be able to duplicate that same work effort.

One thing I would suggest, especially if you plan on losing weight from these activities is that you get yourself a heart rate monitor. You can track your heart beep and set your pace with your heart rate monitor. If you start going to slow, the heart rate monitor will give you a little beep to let you know that you are below your lowest heart rate limit. When this happens, you just pick up your pace and get right back into the weight loss zone of your choice.

Another thing that’s hand is many heart rate monitors will tell you how many calories you’ve burned during your activities. This is a great way to ensure that you really did your workout long enough and hard enough to change your body composition.

A lot of heart rate monitors do not do a good job of recording your calories burned. They use a rather simple formula that estimates the calories burned by reading your heart rate. Unfortunately, these tend to over estimate the amount of calories that you burn.

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