Can a Toxic Mother make you sick and fat ? How to handle Uber SJW Feminist Moms

Can Toxic Mother make you sick and fat ? How to handle Uber SJW Feminist Moms


What did you feel? Were you aghast? Did it offend you? Did it piss you off? Are you utterly confused? If you’re this guy, you DESPERATELY need the wisdom found below.

Were you intrigued by the title? Did it resonate with you for some unknown reason? Did it make you smile? If you’re this guy, you also DESPERATELY need this wisdom. The difference is, it may be much easier for you to take action.

And if it turns out that you have already taken this courageous action, terrific. You’re now in a mature relationship with your mother. Good for you, and for those around you.

If you other good (or not so good) little boys want to feel what it’s like to be a real man, a real man in your relationship with your mother—and ultimately, a real man in your relationship with a significant other—then pay close attention. If you follow the advice you’re about to receive, you will never be the same. And that’ll be a good thing!

If you want a very quick take on how important this article may be to your future happiness and success as a man, honestly assess your reaction to its title.

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Like most men, you proclaim you love your Mother. And of course that’s totally natural.

The primal bonds can’t help but loom large over your life.

But after the age of 20 the nature of these bonds must be broken.

They can remain but in a less claustrophobic influence.

By the time a man is 30, the relationship with his Mother must be one of politeness and caring, but not one where the Mother has a sense of power or influence over the man’s progress in life.

Modern American women have become deeply dysfunctional as a result of .

What should be simple caring of their young men, have become a warped power trip.

Women reading this can also be impacted by the raised cortisol and stress of competing for the affection of a man

defers to his Mother’s advice at every turn.

This sickness is real and leads men into now fulfilling their potential. Instead of becomeing a race car driver, football player or actor the man resigns himself dutifully to whatever schooling and career path dear ole Mom sets out for him.

Later as time goes on and Mom is fully entrenched in her role as Senior Family Decision Maker, all other women are crowded out or are pushed out behind the scenes.


This sort of woman lies to herself and imagines that she is practical and just looking out for her son or sons.

She is always available to save them in a pinch and that’s how she exerts control.

Instead of supporting them for the strong, smart and clever men they could be, she must insert herself with her Mother Knows Best force.

This gross distortion of how a feminine and gentle Mother should express herself hurts the men down deep.

All possible indulgences and excesses are engaged in as a retaliation against domineering Mother.

Relationships are poisoned because the only grown up recognized is Mom, not boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

Here are some links backing up our claims and also self help to BREAK THE CHAINS OF Parasite Moms.




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