Bodybuilding Workout – How Many Reps and Sets?

Bodybuilding with an effective workout or regime is the fastest way to improve muscle mass, lose fat and get ripped. If you perform a solid muscle bodybuilding workout, just for a few days every week, you will be able to increase your strength and metabolism. This is why more muscle also means less fat. A great way to get the body you want. So how do you get started? Here are some tips you should know about reps and sets.

1. Use free weights

You can use free weights to get the maximum effect out of your workouts, since you can boost the intensity, by escalating the weight you raise during your sets. As well, free weights also uses more muscle groups, giving you sa more intense workout. You will find that there are also various exercises you can do to target the various muscle groups, from the shoulders, to chest, to arms, back, abs and legs.

2. Use bar bells

If you own a   weight   bench , attempt utilizing ordinary barbells that you purchase in a variety of  weights , from approximately 10 to 40 or more pounds. These are ideal if you are in the mood for performing  bench  presses in order to develop the chest or pectoral muscle group.

3. Reps and sets

You have to basically carry out the reps, and increase the weight with each set, so that you start off with say 15 reps in the first set and end up with 8 reps in the last set. If you want to exercise even when you travel, then you may have to buy a small set of dumbbells or do exercises tghat require only your body weight. This increase in weights, and decrease in reps, means more and more intense stimulation of the muscle, which means more muscle mass.

4. Use supersets

Many muscle workouts that are proven to give results, uses supersets. This is a combination of 2 exercises where you do 1 set of 1 exercise, then 1 set of another and rotate back and forth. The principles of increasing weights and decreasing reps still applies. Some bodybuilding workout routines use this principle very well to result in impressive muscle gain.

In conclusion, when you use a routine that work, you’ll see results, which means more muscle gain, more fat burning and getting ripped including big arms and shoulders and a six pack abs. WHen you gat big muscles and lose stomach fat, you’ll gain an impressive body. So go ahead and get the body you have always wanted.


Source by Blake Johnson


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