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What Is The Best Workout Routine?

Before I begin let me define, “Best Workout Routine,” to me that would be any workout that gets the average person in optimal shape and physical attractiveness as quickly and safely as possible. Depending on your goals the guidelines may differ. People can argue about the specifics but I believe there a few key ingredients that would be in the best workout routine.

Heavy Resistance

Now some people are more guilty of breaking this rule than others, I’m looking at you ladies, but it’s not chemistry. To build muscle you need to go heavy or go home. If you lift moderate amounts of weight at high reps you will not only waste more time in the gym but won’t force it to evolve.

High rep workouts will not make you toned. Having a low body fat will make you toned. Focus on results.

Understandably many women have trouble following this because they fear they will get bulky which is almost an insult. It took me a long time to get real results in the gym, and I’m man that ate like a pig. Ladies you don’t have the testosterone to pack on the size like men unless you’re a freak. By lifting heavy you will get results much faster. By packing on some muscle you will increase your daily caloric intake which ultimately means you will burn fat in your sleep.

Use Very Controlled Form

The next thing you need to be careful with, especially with heavy weights is to leave your ego at the mirror. Heavy is a relative word, what’s heavy for me might be light for you. Instead I see guys in the gym trying to impress everyone by stacking on huge amounts of weight and doing terrible form.


Not only will you drastically increase your risk of injury but your results will stagnate. After all what your ultimately trying to do is put your body under strain and pressure to grow, it doesn’t care what weight you use to do it.

Instead start with lighter weights but do extremely slow reps with good form. This will tax your body infinitely more than doing arm curls and throwing your back into it, ultimately looking like a guerrilla buffoon. I lift my weights for five seconds on the up motion and drop the weight back down over five seconds. Yes doing that with even some of the lightest weights will be torture but it will get results.

Only Focus On Compound Lifts

Another mistake I see is people trying to spot train, aka they try to build beefy arms or focus only on abs. There are many reason this won’t work. The number one reason is the lifts these people do to isolate those specific muscle groups will not tax you nearly enough to make sweeping transformations in your physique.

Sticking to big lifts like squats, deadlifts, incline press, dumbbell press, and rows will hit multiple muscle groups, allow you to tax your body much more heavily and will result in less gym time.

In fact I’ve heard that it is possible to pack on serious muscle by just squatting. I’m not just talking about lower body strength either. Think about it, could you even imagine someone squatting 500 pounds and having a tiny upper body. Squats require your entire body to support heavy amounts of weight.

Not only that but it’s been proven that lifting stimulates testosterone production but lifts such as arm curls have such a minimal effect on your body that it might as well be ignored. Big lifts like squats, because they put so much stress on your body, stimulate real growth.

Use Free Weights

Every year the fitness industry comes out with more gimmick workout equipment and gyms are littered with machines. Ignore it all. The best work out routines require simplicity. Use free weights whenever possible because they give you the greatest range of motion and tax your muscles more because you have to balance them.

Source by Mark N Stone


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