Best Weight Lifting Songs of All Times

You go into the gym and find yourself without the usual desire to do your exercises. What’s the best way to get into the workout mood? Music.

The right music can make your workout that more effective. To help you do that I compiled a short list of some of the best weight lifting songs:

1. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n’ Roses – I still remember when this came out. It totally blew me away. This is a fast paced, energy filled, rock song which is sure to get you pumping and eager to lift some weights. Axel Rose’s vocals on this song are fantastic.

2. Enter Sandman by Metallica – I love this band, although in recent years they seem to have mellowed somewhat. However, this nightmarish song is the remedy for any fatigue. It is so powerful and will make you feel powerful too. Exit light, enter weights, I say.

3. Jump by Van Halen – This song is something between rock and pop. The title says it all, get ready to feel like jumping or, better yet, pumping iron like crazy. This sone is so catchy and fast that it will have you feeling like you can lift a mountain.

4. Smells like Team Spirit by Nirvana – recently, Paul Anka released a mellow version of this song which is kind of cool, but if you’re looking for the best weight lifting songs to help you workout more, stick to the original version. The music and vocals are so powerful here, you just feel like you’re an entire team of athletes yourself.


5. Into the Storm by Blind Guardian – This song is part of the classic album by this heavy metal German band which is inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This is the most heavy metal song on the list but I’ve used it several times both as a running song and a strength training song. Try it out and you’ll see.

Make sure these 5 songs are on your playlist before you go into any gym.

Source by John Davenport


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