Best Weight Benches For Home Workouts

The best weight benches for home workouts must be chosen carefully. For one, investing in something that does not deliver the comfort and quality you need is just a waste of money. Weight benches are the core of any home gym. If you want to learn more about the best weight benches that are suitable for home workouts read on.

There are a variety of different styles in weight benches available today. Some are flat, some have multiple adjustments, some are portable with even wheels, and others include even bars for dumbbell and bar bell lifting.

Here are the best weight benches that seem to be very popular today for most people:

Ironmaster Super Bench


o This one of the best weight benches around and it comes highly recommended. This is the best pick for serious weight lifters out there. Compared to other brands, these are more budget- friendly. They are fully adjustable and it allows you to do dips and pull-ups.

o These are ultra sturdy weight benches that are very versatile. The add-on attachments (dip handles and pull-up bar) are features that are not yet available on other weight benches in the market.

Body Solid FID 225

o This is a weight bench that folds easily providing easy, convenient storage. It is also sturdy and has a compact size with good padding. It has built-in wheels that allow easy mobility and portability. A portable weight bench with wheels can be very helpful when moving around.

o Body Solid FID 225 is good for doing dumbbell exercises as it allows you to make adjustments to 7 different incline positions. It has a ladder-style back support that is sturdy enough for serious weight lifters.

o Do you know what the best part is? With all these features and comfort that Body Solid FID225 brings, it doesn’t come pricey like the rest of its counterparts.

Bayou Dumbbell Bench

o If you’re after a small, inexpensive but very versatile bench for dumbbell exercise, this is the best choice for you.

o This is one of the best weight benches that will definitely suit your home workout. It has a compact size, thick padding, optional dumbbell stands and a heavy duty vinyl that you will surely love.

o You can adjust it from upright, flat and preacher bench. Thus, giving a good value for your money.

Each weight lifting bench listed above is a champion in terms of the quality of build, easy of adjustment, durability, price and most importantly, ergonomics. You can’t ask for anything more.

There are many weight benches on the market today and some are priced much higher than the normal person can afford. Wasting your money is not the wisest idea nowadays. Those mentioned here are highly regarded and come at a price point hat is affordable for most people.

As always, if lifting weights be sure to be safe and whenever possible have a partner to work out with.

Source by Mark S Myers


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