Best Dietplan for 2018 Exotica Diet Plan

Best Dietplan for 2018 Exotica Diet Plan


Exotic flavors


World dieting tastes that include no calorie options are making their way to America.

For Asian meals, people are using fish saucedoenjanggarlic chivesginger andlapsang souchong, a Chinese black tea, according to NPD. For Hispanic flavors, they’re using jalapenohabaneroghost pepper and mole negro, along with dragon fruit and bitter orange.


Middle Eastern-inspired food is going to be a big hit in 2018, and spices such as turmeric, harissa, cardamom, and za’atar will take front row seats. Other ingredients such as tahini, tomato jam and halloumi will also be popular. With so many options, this is a great time to explore different cultures through food.


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