Best Chest Workout You Must Do

Pectoralis Major is the upper body’s largest set of muscle group. The usual exercise done for the pecs is by utilizing heavy weights and it is the best chest when applied in various exercises concentrating more on the huge sections of muscle that form the upper, lower, inner, and outer pectorals.


Developing The Pecs – Exercises Used

Those muscles found in the arms and shoulders are very closely tied up with the pecs major muscles. These are the muscles used in pushing. You will definitely be toning and working on your arms (biceps and triceps) as well as shoulders muscles too if you are doing the upper chest workout. The size, depth and the spread of your pecs muscles are the main determinants of the weights that you use if your training routine.

Best Chest Workout

Bench Press – This is a given, bench press is almost synonymous to chest workout. Anyone who has gone to the gym knows that the first exercise that targets chest muscles is the bench press. There are different grips, benches, angles and weights that bench presses can be used.

Parallel Bar Dips – These exercise tool is used to tone the upper and inner pecs. Important thing to note here is to have the hands of the lifter set to shoulder width. A slight mod by placing the hands more further apart will target the delt-pec and outer pecs.

Dumbbell Exercises – A smaller version or imitation of the Olympic bar lift is the dumbbells when done several times in bench exercises. Dumbbells can be a good exercise in stretching the chest muscles and ripping and toning them. How? Try it on an inclined or declined bench using the flies.

Some more exercises that are main purpose is to target those chest muscles are the following:

Cable-and-Pulley Machine


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