Bench Press Routine to Massively Increase Chest Muscle

If you want gain a lot of chest muscle than you need to use a bench press routine that is going to work effectively and quickly.

Increasing your bench press is not just about trying to get bigger and stronger chest muscles, you have to consider the other muscles that are required to get a bigger bench press.

If your shoulders and triceps are weak, then you will not get very far in trying to increase the size of your pecs. The muscles in your shoulders and your triceps muscles are much smaller than the muscles in your chest. This means that these muscles will tire out long before your chest muscles even get a decent workout.

In order to lift heavier on the bench, your bench routine must involve increasing the strength and size of your shoulder muscles and your triceps muscles. You need to dedicate one day a week to training these muscles hard, and you will be rewarded in an increase of the weight that you use for training your chest. The end result with this will be increased muscle mass in your shoulders, arms, and an increase in chest muscle.

For a specialized routine for gaining chest muscle, you will need to train your chest on a Monday and Friday, and train your shoulders and triceps on a Wednesday. You will have the weekend off from training, which will allow your body to recover and grow muscle from your workouts.

Here is a Routine that will quickly enable you to increase your pressing and get bigger chest muscles.

Monday and Friday

Warm up – 20 reps with light weight

3×10 – Chest Flies

5×5 – Flat Bench Press

5×5 – Incline Bench Press

Use a weight which just about allows you to complete all the reps. Make sure that you keep your arms and chest tight while performing the reps, so extra tension is placed on your muscles. Rest only for 90 seconds between each set, or 2 minutes at the most.


Shoulder Press Warm up with long bar – 12 reps with a light weight

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 5×8

Upright Rows – 3×8

Close Grip Bench Press – 3×8

Triceps Pulldown – 3×8


These exercises should be in the same manner as your routine for the bench press. Meaning that you train as heavy as you can, while keeping good form.

In a few weeks you will start to notice a difference with this bench press routine. There will also be a significant increase in muscle mass on your upper body.

Source by Ritchie Tern


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