Bench Press More Weight Instantly!

All they are doing is putting their body in unnatural position, which limits overload and increases chances of injury. The  bench  press is a perfect example. You see people with their feet in the air, using a thumb less grip etc. All of this makes you handle less weight because you cannot generate maximum power due to your body’s position.

Be sure to warm-up without tiring the muscles. Gradually reduce the reps starting with 10, then, 5, 3, 1. Then move on to your working set weight.

When you execute the  bench  press you should maintain 4 contact points: feet on the ground, butt and upper back on the  bench , and hands on the bar. Keep these points set while maintaining a natural arch in your lower back. This will put you into a strong and sturdy position, allowing you to achieve maximum power and overload.

It also helps to have a spotter lift the loaded bar off the rack and gently hand it out to you. Reaching back to unrack the bar takes your body out of the strong and tight position you need to be in to press maximum weights. Remember to squeeze your shoulders blades together and stick your chest up.


Think of your body as a coiled spring when  bench  pressing and explode using the position of your entire body at the bottom of each rep. Remember, the more power you can generate, the more weight you can lift. The more weight you can lift, the more overload you create. The more overload you create, the more muscle you put on! Try these tips the next time you  bench . I guarantee that you will  bench  more  weight  the very first day.

Source by Sean Barker


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