Bench Press Equipment: What Are Your Options?

Almost all bodybuilders and weight lifters have the bench press as a part of their routine. The bench press is what’s often used to measure one’s upper body strength. Not only will it increase the strength of your chest, triceps, and shoulders, but will also build your reputation.

The bench press can be done in several ways, and each one is used for different reasons. If exercising from home is your preference, then buying bench press equipment is something to consider.

Standard or Flat Bench

The flat bench is a staple of any commercial or home gym. An ideal flat bench would have supports for the bar as well. Most of these benches do have several racking heights to accommodate taller and shorter individuals. Some spotter arms come with the ability to adjust them vertically. You also have the option to buy a basic flat bench with no spotter arms. Instead of lifting a barbell, you would lift dumbbells. I actually prefer the latter because each side gets worked equally.

Incline Bench Tool


An incline bench press is recommended if you want to focus on the middle and upper part of the chest. Anyone who wants a thick, bulky chest should do the incline variation. The change in position allows you to work the upper pectoralis muscle and anterior deltoids more effectively than the flat bench press does. Because it’s so effective and involves a more natural motion, this is a favorite among many bodybuilders.

Multi-Exercise Bench

This kind of bench press equipment offers multiple exercises with attachments generally for leg exercises, and a preacher curl pad. Multi benches are rarely found in gyms and are sold primarily as home equipment. For those who want to do more than one exercise and have limited space, this is an option to consider.

Weights and Bar

There are a lot of options in choosing bars and weights compare to other equipment. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from Olympic bar, Olympic bench, and barbell.

Bench press equipment is available in many different variations. If you have come up with a decision to buy a complete set of equipment, think of how much you are willing to spend first. Consider all the options.

The most inexpensive and flexible option is to purchase a flat bench with the ability to incline, while using dumbbells instead of a barbell. It allows you to work more muscles and do many more exercises. It all boils down to what you prefer and can afford.

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