Being Vegan

 Vegan  is defined as someone who abstains from all animal products. These animal products also include materials such as leather and wool, and common byproducts such as gelatin and whey. The most important technique to learn to help stay  vegan  is reading ingredient labels and knowing what the things are that should not be consumed.  This takes practice, and mistakes are sure to be made along the way.  These small mistakes should be used as tools to learn from, rather than something to beat yourself up over.

Being  vegan  is very easy once you acclimate yourself to the lifestyle.  There is an extra “sense” that is developed that acts as your  vegan  radar.  After you have spent so much time reading ingredient labels, you can spot the animal byproducts very easily and quickly.  If the people around you are  vegan , or at least sensitive to your diet, it will make life incredibly easier for you.  Having a  vegan  significant other will help your success and pull you out of the rough times much easier.


My life has improved significantly since becoming  vegan  almost four years ago.  When I started I was very overweight and unhappy.  Since then, I’ve lost nearly 70 pounds and my self confidence is through the roof.  It was a change that had its slip ups, but I did not let these get me down.  Every small mistake was a chance to improve and strengthen my resolution to be a better  vegan .

If you are considering becoming  vegan  take the plunge!  You will be very happy with yourself that you did.  An old Chinese proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”  Take that first step!

Source by Geoff Willis


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